Oct 29, 2010

Jazz Quartet Malaysia @ Corporate Event

Today’s corporate event features a Jazz Quartet comprising of Malaysian jazz musicians that are base in Kuala Lumpur. They are very popular and are much in demand as entertainers to perform at events around Malaysia.

From weddings to anniversaries, product launches to birthdays, weddings to corporate events etc. They do travel outstation or overseas to perform if required.

The Jazz Quartet is lead by International Electone Festival winner Jason Geh on keyboard. His band mates include a guitarist, saxophonist and a bass player.

If you are wondering what the “stick” like instrument is on the video, it is an electric upright / double bass. And no, it is not suspended in mid air; there is actually a metal stand underneath the body that seems to create that illusion.

It produces roughly the same sound as an acoustic bass. The difference being it needs amplification to generate sound, it is lighter thus more mobile and it looks cool! And it obviously needs an ultra skilled musician to play it too : )

Profile photo of Jason Geh Jazz QuartetOpening speech

The presentationTHe attendees at the event

Jason Geh offers many variety of live band line-up that specially caters for the occasion. Call him up, let him know what kind of event it is, what kind of crowd will be present, the instruments preferred, the date, venue and the kind of ambient that is required. He will be able to arrange for you.

The budget is also vital to determine the band. A larger ensemble will be ideal for certain occasions and not so for others. For an event like today, the jazz quartet was adequate.

No vocals were even required as the guest mainly wanted to network and converse comfortably among themselves. The music level tends to increase with vocals and might interfere with the diner’s conversation. So don’t be surprise if you hear chattering at the background while viewing the video clip. It is meant to be such.

Thus today, the quartet performed instrumental jazz standards in the style of swing, bossanova, R & B, funk, light rock, slow rock and latin to entertain their guests of about 50 people(5 tables).

It is HSBC’s investor and analyst Road show dinner held in the Marriott hotel Kuala Lumpur on 28.10.10. Jason Geh and his team have been involved with many HSBC events through the years.

A momento given to the presenterThe Jazz Quartet performing LIVE

Be sure to call Jason at 016 2800216 to find out more about his Jazz Quartet and other live band entertainment that he provides in Malaysia. It could be for your corporate event or any other function you might be planning to have.

Note that Jason manages an extensive music blog that is not to be missed!

Go there now! : )

Another image of the Jazz QuartetThe closing speech

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