Jul 24, 2010

String Quartet Performance @ Malay Wedding

What is String Quartet? The word “string” refers to orchestral instruments that belong to the string group i.e violin, viola and cello. “Quartet” means four. Thus, these two words together implicate a combination of 4 string musicians performing together as an ensemble.

the menu and wedding souvenir displayed on every dinner tableString Quartet from Jason Geh Entertainment performing live at this Malay wedding reception

The bridal couple at the PelaminThe Merinjis ceremony where blessing is showered on the newly weds by parents and immediate family members

A typical string quartet consist of :-
  • 1st violinist
  • 2nd violinist
  • viola player
  • cellist
The 1st violinist generally plays the melody, but occasional alternating with the 2nd violinist. The 2nd violin and viola player commonly plays the harmony with either long or detached notes. Finally, the cellist or cello player provides the bass or the foundation to support the melody and harmony.

The reason why I’m defining “string quartet” on this blog post is because during this wedding event which I was coordinating, one particular guest inquired what it meant. I am so use to regurgitating the phrase “string quartet” in my years in the music industry that I unconscientiously assume that everyone is aware. Hence, I reckon this post will be timely to recount.

Anyway, this video is the summation of a Malay wedding held in Dewan Merak Kayangan KL on the 23rd of July 2010. It is the wedding reception of Aainaa and Yasir, and Jason Geh Entertainment provided the live string quartet performance, as entertainment during the wedding.

The string quartet performed their first set at 8pm to usher in the guest. When the ballroom was filled, Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major was performed for the bridal couple’s grand entrance.

an image taken from behind the string quartet showing the guests that attended the weddingblessings by the elders

a photo of Yasir, the groom feeding Aainna, the bride during the cake cutting ceremonyspeech by the bride's sister

The string quartet continued their second session during the Merinjis ceremony, where parents and immediate family members approach the Pelamin (the stage) to give blessings to the newly weds.

Do note on this video how appropriate the music of the string quartet fitted in, during this ceremony. Make sure you watch the video till the end to catch clips of other entertainment that happened later in the night, and an engaging speech given by Aainaa’s elder sister veered towards Yasir.

this is an all-girl vocal presentation dedicated to the bridal couplespecial guest performance by Andi and his sister

children group dance entertainment by Pak Ngahanother group singing item rendered by friends of the bride

For more information on string quartet for Malay weddings in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, do contact me, Jason Geh at 016 2800216. Besides performing for wedding receptions, the string quartet from Jason Geh Entertainment do perform for other occasions as well, like corporate events, product launches, anniversaries, birthdays and more.

Do visit my music blog to view all our past and present live music performances in Malaysia. Other music ensembles provided are :-
and many more.

a profile picture of Jason Geh's string quartetBand manager Jason Geh with newly weds, Yasir and Aainaa

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Jul 19, 2010

Singer, Live Band @ Golf Event, KL

Singer accompanied by two piece live band performed at Alstom’s golf event in Kajang Hill Golf Club on 17th July 2010. The musicians comprising of a saxophonist and keyboard player ushered the golfer’s to the restaurant where the event was held, as pre-dinner entertainment. They performed some light and easy instrumental jazz standards.

view of the golf course at KHGCSinger with Live Band manager, Jason Geh

Live Band performing LIVEhead of Alstom, Mr Saji addressing the golfers

During dinner, the lovely female singer joined the live band to entertain the crowd with their second session of performance. The singer emanated a friendly demeanor and interacted thoroughly with the guest. She performed 6 songs in total, much of the time walking around with her wireless microphone, table to table serenading the diners thus making them feel at ease.

The guests were also very sporting and responsive to her gesture. They participated by smiling, singing and clapping along to the singer’s performance. Incidentally, there were about 7 tables at the restaurant, consisting of all male golfers.

Singer and Live Band entertainment during dinnerspeech by fellow Alstomers

The night proceeded with the awards ceremony. Prizes were given out to the top golfers and the lucky draw winners. Before the event concluded, the singer and live band came on to perform a few more songs.

To hire professional singer and live band for your event in KL Malaysia, do contact Jason Geh at 016 2800216. To view photo and video samples of their past live performances, visit Jason’s music blog