Nov 29, 2009

Wedding Singer at Suzenn’s Wedding Reception, Malaysia

Wedding Singer and Live Band from Jason Geh Entertainment provided live music for the wedding reception of Marcus and Suzenn at Concorde Hotel Shah Alam, Malaysia on the 28th November 2009.

Jason Geh's Wedding Singer and Live Band

This is Jason Geh’s regular trio line up comprising of an excellent female wedding singer, saxophone player / percussionist and Jason Geh himself on keyboards / backup vocalist. They have a wide selection of songs from jazz standards to evergreens, love ballads to latin numbers, chinese and malay favourites to even dance beats like disco, rock & roll and cha cha.

Champagne pouring ceremonyToasting ceremony

Additional singers and musicians can be added to the core band to enhance their sound depending on client’s entertainment budget. Instruments like electric guitar, violin, double bass, trumpet, drums and even the traditional er hu are possible combinations. The wedding band provides the option of sound system or without.

Family photoBand manager Jason Geh with wedding couple Suzenn and Marcus

Besides the jazz trio, other live band settings that are available are strollers, string quartet and jazz band. Basic lighting system and projectors are also available on request.

For more information on Jason Geh, go to his live band website or view archives of his past and latest live performances.

Nov 28, 2009

Jason Geh String Quartet performing at Mercedes Launch, KL, Malaysia

String Quartet from Jason Geh Entertainment provided live instrumental music for the official launch of the new Mercedes-Benz E-class series in KL, Malaysia. This event was held on the 27th November 2009 at their showroom (Hap Seng Star Sdn Bhd, Jln Sultan Ismail.)

Jason Geh String Quartet performing live at the launch

Jason’s String Quartet consisted of four string players (2 violins, viola and cello.) They have a wide selection of repertoire ranging from baroque to classical, folk to contemporary and even country to popular Broadway musical.

Early bird prizes given out to the first ten guest arriving at the eventBack view of the string quartet during their performance

This String Ensemble have been performing together as a unit for the past 15 years for events around Malaysia including corporate shows, weddings, birthdays, product launches, private parties and anniversaries. Some of the pieces they performed tonight were “Blue Danube” by Johann Strauss, theme song from “The Sound of Music”, Vivaldi’s “Four seasons” and many master pieces from great composers like Mozart, Beethoven to Handel.

Guest at the event checking out the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class after the lauchPrizes given out during the lucky draw

Jason Geh was referred to Datin Evelyn by one of her employee, Vanessa. Incidentally, Jason’s Jazz band will be performing at Vanessa’s wedding reception this coming 17th of December 2009.

A profile image of Jason Geh's String QuartetXandria Ooi the celebrity emcee with Jason Geh(manager of the string quartet)

Nov 14, 2009

Wedding Singer at Martin’s Wedding, KL, Malaysia

This report is with regards to Jason Geh’s Wedding Singer performing live at Martin’s wedding at NeroVivo Restaurant, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This is a last minute function for the group. Martin, the groom found Jason Geh and his team during his search to hire a professional wedding singer and live band on the internet.

Jason Geh with his wedding singer and saxophone player

Martin’s wedding dinner was set on Friday the 13th November 2009 and Martin stumbled on Jason’s live band website two days before. It was fated for Jason and Martin to meet as those who are familiar with the movie Friday the 13th, who is the main character in that movie? Jason!

Mr and Mrs Martin taking a photo with their guestJason Geh with his wedding singer and saxophone player performing live during the wedding reception

Well, I leave it to you to decide if it's coincidence or fate. Jason’s music group, made up of wedding singer, saxophone player who plays the conga and Jason himself on the keyboards entertained Martin and his guest with a wide selection of songs from jazz standards, oldies, love songs to latin, fusion and contemporary music.

Martin and his friend jamming along with Jason's conga playerA toast for the bridal couple

During the band's break time, Martin who happens to sing and play the guitar team up with his friend to perform a set of guitar live music embellish with great vocal harmony. Their brand of music had a different sound from Jason’s group thus added diversity and color to the evening’s entertainment. Jason’s conga player came up to jam a few numbers with Martin group all in the name of good fun!

It was a deeply satisfying evening for the listeners as well as for the performers with quality live music, delicious food and a wide array of booze from champagne, wine to beer and brandy.

Nov 8, 2009

Jason Geh's Wedding Band Live at Dr X’s Wedding

Jason Geh’s Wedding Band was specially invited to perform at the wedding celebration of Dr X and Ms S at Imperial China Restaurant Subang, Malaysia on the 7th of November 2009.

Bridal couple kissing on stage

This is Jason Geh’s current wedding band line-up featuring an outstanding female singer with soloist on the electric guitar or saxophone. They have been getting a great deal of inquiries to perform at wedding events ever since their performance at a house warming reception at Ara Damansara in August 2009.

Jason Geh's Wedding Band performingProfile image of Jason Geh's three piece Wedding Band Word got around with regards to this music group through referrals as well as through the internet. In fact, it was through Youtube that Dr X’s brother obtained Jason Geh’s contact.

They were looking to hire a professional live band that is affordable yet versatile and experience enough to render a wide range of repertoire from jazz, retro, evergreens, chinese songs and notably, music of the 80’s where the groom's profound attachment lies.

Dr X initially short listed a few potential candidates. After careful consideration and discussion with his family, he eventually decided to engage Jason Geh and his team.

Bridal couple posing with Jason Geh and singerThe champagne pouring ceremony It was a great wedding celebration with quality live band entertainment. This three piece band invoke constant appreciation from the guest through applause and smiles of approval especially when their favourite jazz standards, oldies and chinese songs were being played.

The toasting ceremonySharon's sister and a friend singing along with the wedding band

Nov 5, 2009

Violinist & Pianist at WGC Launch, KL, Malaysia

Here’s the report on this two piece music group consisting of violinist and pianist performing for the 25th WGC (World Gas Conference) launch held in KL Convention Centre on the 5th November 2009.

Violinist and Pianist performing live at WGC launch

This instrumental group provided tunes from the genre of jazz, oldies, pop and contemporary music to entertain guest that was made up of the main sponsors of WGC including Petronas. WGC is held every 3 years at selected countries around the world and Malaysia was chosen as the next host in 2012.

Raymond Goh was the EmceeThe video presentation

The 24th WGC was held in Argentina last month and today marks the launch of the 25th WGC in Kuala Lumpur which will eventually lead to the actual conference in 2012. This launch was a very classy event and our musical duo from Malaysia aptly complimented to the ambience of the event beautifully.

Jason Geh, the pianist welcome the guest with his solo piano performance and was later joined by Genevie on the violin after the official launch.