Nov 28, 2010

Wedding Live Bands in KL, Malaysia

If you are reading this article, you are probably scouting around the internet for a Wedding Live Band to hire as entertainment for your wedding reception in Malaysia.

This wedding reception features two groups of Wedding Live Band.

The first group that started performing in this wedding event was a Jazz band consisting of three musicians i.e a saxophone player, double bass player and Jason Geh on the grand piano / keyboard.

They performed one set unplugged at the foyer of Westin KL and later proceeded inside the grand ballroom to usher-in the guests with their music.

After the wedding couple’s grand entrance, the Jazz band provided their final set of music for the night with some instrumental jazz music when food was served from the first till the third dish.

Profile image of the Jazz band (trio)Jason Geh Jazz Trio performing LIVE

Band manager, band leader and keyboardist Jason Geh flanked by wedding couple Fiona and AbelAn image of the newly weds at their table

At 8:45pm, the second group of live band started off their first session of music entertainment. This Wedding Live Band which was also provided by Jason Geh consists of three performers producing a slightly different sound and concept from the former.

It is made up of an acoustic guitar player / singer, a saxophonist /conga player and an electric upright bass player completing this lively three piece ensemble.

The repertoire that they perform included some oldies, jazz, latin and are mainly rendered with vocals.

They created a feeling of festivity with their style of music that really blended well with the ambient in the ballroom during the later part of the evening when the newly weds approached table to table, to toast with their guests.

Live band with male singer performing LIVE at the weddingA group shot of the bridal couple's family and friends

The champagne pouring ceremonyThe toasting ceremony

The video above shows the order of events during the wedding:-
  • Jazz band performance (during cocktail)
  • Jazz band performance (ushering of crowd)
  • Entrance of bridal couple
  • Jazz band performance (during dinner)
  • Video presentation
  • Live band performance with vocal
  • Speeches
  • Champagne pouring
  • Toasting ceremony
  • Live band performance with vocal
The wedding dinner concluded about 11:00pm.

Abel and Fiona toasting with their guestsA profile photo of the three piece Live Band that was provided by Jason Geh Entertainment

For more information on Wedding Live Bands for wedding or corporate events in Malaysia, contact Jason Geh at 016 2800216.

Don’t forget to check out his live band blog

Note that this article pertains to the wedding reception of Abel and Fiona that was held in Westin Hotel Kuala Lumpur on the 27th of November 2010

Nov 27, 2010

Hire STRING QUARTET for Events in Malaysia

Are you looking for STRING QUARTET to hire as Live Entertainment for your event in Malaysia? If you are, then this article is for you. The video montage below features Malaysia’s best STRING QUARTET Ensemble. Do click play and watch.

When University of Nottingham (Malaysia Campus) was searching for a “classy” live music ensemble to entertain guests at their 10th anniversary dinner, they found Jason Geh’s blog.

They got in touch with him and immediately secured his team ensuring that the musicians were available to perform for their memorable anniversary event held on the 26th of November 2010 at Royale Chulan Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Even though they have not met Jason before, they felt connected with him and were very convinced by his professionalism, thus was set in him being their entertainment provider.

This confidence came after they diligently vetted his extensive Live Band Blog and related websites that contain testimonials, photos and videos of past and present events that he had performed or had been involved in.

Jason Geh String Quartet posing by the backdropThe arrival of the VVIP

Speech by the professorLive Bagpipe players integrating with the food presentation

From corporate events to anniversaries, weddings to birthdays, product launches to private parties, laidback performances to featured performances, Jason Geh and his team had done it all and it’s there on his websites for all to see. Don’t just take my word for it, go check it out.

By the way, Jason Geh was the winner of the International Electone Festival in Paris, being the first South East Asian to break Japan’s dominance in this annual contest. Do watch Jason Geh’s solo performance in Paris on this link.

VVIP's performing the loh hehThe String Quartet performance

String Quartet Entertainment LIVE at the eventAn image of some diners with the backdrop

Jason’s STRING QUARTET ensemble comprised of 4 stringed musicians:-
  • 1st violin player
  • 2nd violin player
  • viola player and
  • cello player
They performed two sessions of live music for this event. Their repertoire ranges from baroque to classical, broadway to country, pop to movie soundtrack, latin to contemporary.

It’s rare to find a stringed ensemble capable of performing such diverse selection of pieces. But Jason’s group does it all. They are highly skilled on playing their instruments and possess monumental performing experience.

Guest having their mealsAn image of the professor with University Nottingham students

For more information on STRING QUARTET entertainment for events in Malaysia, contact Jason Geh at 016 2800216

Besides the string quartet, Jason Geh also provides other form of entertainment from live band, jazz band, strollers, bagpipers, special performance group etc. He also supplies live band related services like the sound system, lighting system, backdrop, projectors, etc

Nov 25, 2010

Live Jazz Band | Sound System | Lighting System | Backdrop @ Corporate Event in KL, Malaysia

If you are looking for Live Jazz Band, Sound System, Lighting System, Backdrop and other related services for your corporate event in KL Malaysia, contact Jason Geh at 016 2800216 to find out more.

Today’s event which was held in SDCC was handled by Jason Geh and his team. He provided the Live Jazz Band entertainment during the event diligently supported by his team of professional sound and lighting crew.

Jason Geh, an award winning keyboard player, manages the live band, sound and lights with his partner Gina. They ensured smooth flow of events throughout the night. They also made certain that duties were carried out and conducted in a professional manner.

The male musicians were attired in black suits and singer or female musicians with sophisticated performance dress ideal for a particular event.

The video montage above depicts the versatility of the Live Jazz Band, being able to perform a wide selection of repertoire that keeps listeners at events entertained. They performed two sessions for this event. The first set being light and easy featuring the violinist and saxophonist. It also features the female and male singers.

A profile photo of Jason Geh's Live Jazz BandAn image of the singer and the band manager

Guests enjoying their cocktail at the foyer of SDCCA speech by the CEO of Jerneh Insurance

The second session is a dance set. They performed songs from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and the 80’s. Styles of music ranges from cha cha, samba, rock & roll to twist, disco and latin.

Be sure to check out the duel between the saxophone and violin player on this video. What this actually means is the trading of improvisation between two skilled instrumentalists.

Notice the bubbles and the rotating lights during their performance? I thought that was a simple yet effective visual enhancement.

There is also a point in the video showing the female singer interacting with the crowd.

Live Jazz Band featuring the violinistLive Jazz Band featuring the saxophonist

Live Jazz Band featuring the female singerJason Geh's Live Jazz Band at an angle

For more information on Live Jazz Band, Sound and Lighting System, Backdrop and other event related services in KL Malaysia, do get in touch with Jason Geh at 016 2800216.

He has an extensive website detailing all his past and present performances / events.

Wanna watch Jason Geh performing solo in Paris?

By the way, this article pertains to Jerneh Insurance 40th Anniversary Dinner held in Sime Darby Convention Centre on the 23rd of November 2010.

Nov 15, 2010

Live Band, Singer, Guitar, Saxophone & Upright Bass for Weddings in Malaysia

This video below features a KL based Live Band comprising of 3 musicians / performers:-
  • Singer / Guitarist
  • Saxophonist / Percussionist
  • Upright bass player

This live band is provided by Jason Geh for the wedding reception of Mr Chris Lai and Ms Wei Wei held at the Grand Imperial Restaurant, Hartamas Shopping Complex on the 14.11.10

Chris, the bridegroom hired the 3 entertainers together with the sound system to ensure good quality sound during his wedding as a great live band must go hand in hand with the proper amplification.

An image of the main table with angel decorationsA profile photo of Jason Geh Live Band

Jason Geh, Chris Lai and Wei WeiThe hand over of Ang Pows at the registration counter

The musicians perform a mix of instrumental and vocal numbers with repertoire ranging from Jazz (swing, bossa, samba), evergreens, latin, love ballades to music of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

Jason Geh, the band manager who is an award winning keyboard player joined in to perform the saxophone thus further enhancing the sound of the band.

Jason Geh Live Band performing at the weddingAn image of the restaurant filled with guests

The MC's for the nightThe bridal couple, Chris and Wei Wei at their main table

If you have made a search on google or youtube, looking for a live band to hire for an event in Malaysia, may it be corporate, anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, private functions or product launches, do contact Jason Geh directly at 016 2800216 to find out more.

You are more than welcome to check out his live band websites and blogs. It is an extensive website containing articles, photos and videos of his current and past events in Malaysia for your scrutiny.

See you there.


The cake cutting ceremonyThe champagne pouring ceremony

Chris, the bridegroom performing the toast or yam sehLive Band performing at the wedding

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Nov 13, 2010

Jazz Band, Singer, Saxophone & Violin Entertainment

This is an article on a Jazz Band from Kuala Lumpur featuring Singer, Saxophone and Violin player. During this event, the Jazz band performed two sets.

The first set, which is a pre-dinner performance, caters for guests at the cocktail lounge featuring the Jazz quartet (a singer, two solo instrumentalist accompanied by keyboardist and band manager Jason Geh)

Jazz band, singer, saxophone and violin playerThe models at the event

The registration counterA view of Genting Highlands

The second set was live entertainment provided during dinner at the grand ballroom. This set mainly features the saxophone and violin player. They performed 4 pieces of different styles in succession serenading the audience. This lasted approximately 12 minutes.

There is a kind of intimacy in this performance as the two musicians slowly walk down the aisle of the ballroom performing thus entertaining and communing with their listeners. They finally walk onto the main stage to render their last number.

Jazz band, trio setting with singer, saxophone and keyboard playerguests enjoying their cocktail session

Some of the small and medium entrepreneurs being ushered by modelsGolden Bull Award banner

This is the 8th Annual Golden Bull Awards event that was held in GICC (Genting International Convention Centre) on the 12th of November 2010.

Do watch this video to get an idea of the Jazz band’s performance that features singer, saxophonist and violinist. If you are interested to have such entertainment at your company / corporate events in Malaysia, contact Jason Geh at 016 2800216.

The drum troupe performing for the grand opening gambitAn image of the saxophone and violin player

An all female singing groupOne of the many lively dance performance during the event

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