Feb 27, 2012

JAZZ BAND in Kuantan | Larry’s Wedding

Here’s a video of our Jazz Band performance at the Zenith Hotel, Kuantan during Larry and Russtey’s wedding event on February the 25th 2012. The band consists of the following:-
  • Singer
  • Saxophonist
  • Drummer
  • Keyboardist

Watch the bridal entrance where the singer and saxophonist ushered the couple into the grand ballroom. Clips of the band’s performance during the wedding dinner have been extracted and integrated for your viewing. There is also a clip of the drummer during his solo on a swing number.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the bride groom Larry for his generosity and hospitality throughout the length of our communication. Cheers!

Jason Geh Jazz Quartet comprising of singer, saxophonist, drummer and keyboardistLarry and Russtey's wedding event

The bridal couple and family having a grand toast with their guestsThe Jazz Band performing live during the wedding dinner

Here is a link to view our other Jazz Band performances outside of Kuala Lumpur. We perform mainly in Kuala Lumpur but do travel upon special request.

Feb 19, 2012

LIVE BAND in KL | Beach Band @ Nikon Event

This video features a Live Band from KL performing by the beach of the Golden Palm Tree Resort during Nikon’s annual dinner event.

The event held on February the 18th 2012 features 4 musicians performing a collection of vocal music that suits a corporate dinner. From moderate rumba selections during dinner to lively genres along the lines of cha cha, rock & roll, twist and samba after dinner when the guests’ are drinking and ready to party.

This beach band can performed unplugged or with amplification. For this event, they were to perform unplugged and stroll around tables. As it’s an open air performance, the sound produce weren’t contained and the band required amplification for the singers to be heard

Profile photo of the beach band / stroller / Hawaiian bandGroup photo during Nikon's Appreciation Dinner Event

Hawaiian dancers having fun with the guestsThe beach band performing before sun set

There were two microphones available from the sound supplier thus one was set-up on the fly for the 2 singers to share and the other for the double bass. The guitarist could be heard due to his guitar amplifier. The saxophonist and percussionist perform unplugged as those are fairly "loud" instruments.

The musicians were attired in colorful floral Hawaiian shirts pertaining to the theme of the night which was Hawaiian.

If you are planning an event by the sea side and need a beach band, do watch this video produced by Jason Geh Entertainment. The band is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but do travel outstation to perform upon request.

The beach band performingFire eaters

Do visit Jason Geh’s website for a much detailed reference on Live Bands in KL.

Feb 6, 2012

Live Band | Malaysian Artistes | Munchy Dinner – Part 2

Jason Geh’s 5 piece Live Band accompanied 3 Malaysian Artistes at Munchy’s Annual Dinner 2012 held at Sunway Resort Hotel Petaling Jaya. The artistes are impersonators of P.Ramlee, Teresa Teng and Elvis Presley.

This video is the 2nd part of the annual dinner. Part 1 of this event features Jason’s band accompanying an event singer.

Malaysian impersonators of P.Ramlee, Teresa Teng, Elvis Presley and Tom JonesP.Ramlee impersonator

Malaysian's version of Teresa TengElvis Presley made in Malaysia

Feb 5, 2012

Live Band | Malaysian Singer | Munchy Dinner – Part 1

The Live Band for tonight’s event consists of a full band backing a Malaysian event singer. The phrase “full band” or core band can be use when the group comprise of at least 5 musicians:-
  • Saxophonist
  • Guitarist
  • Keyboardist
  • Bassists
  • Drummer

This is Munchy’s Annual Dinner 2012 held at Sunway Resort Hotel Petaling Jaya on February the 4th. The theme for the night is Retro Boogie thus the band included some funky retro songs into their repertoire during their dinner performance.

The Live Band (led by Jason Geh) performed a total of 2 sets, the 1st session (depicted on this video) backing a lovely and vibrant event singer (watch her move! ..i’m serious) and during the 2nd set, the band accompanied 3 Malaysian artistes serving as the event’s showtime performance.

Jason Geh Live Band with an event singerLive Band and singer performing at Munchy's Annual Dinner 2012

Dancers are among the many performances during the eventMunchy's Got Talent!

So be sure to check out the 2nd part of Munchy’s Annual Dinner to watch the video clip of the Live Band with the Malaysian artistes.

Feb 3, 2012

Traditional Chinese Band KL | Nikon Dinner - Part 2

This video features a Malaysian based 3 piece Traditional Chinese Band performing at a dinner function at Sunway Resort Hotel Petaling Jaya on February the 2nd, 2012.

The music group consists of the following musicians:-
  • Erhu player (Chinese violin)
  • Dizi player (Chinese bamboo flute)
  • Gu Zheng player (Chinese harp)
The performers reside in Kuala Lumpur and perform exclusively for corporate events, product launches, annual dinners, wedding dinners and other one-off occasions.

This kind of ensemble has sometimes been loosely referred to as Chinese Orchestra, a mere generalization. However, it is too small a group to be considered an orchestra but rather a trio band performing Chinese classics on traditional Chinese instruments.

The 3 piece Traditional Chinese Band performing live at Nikon's appreciation and CNY dinner eventA profile photo of the CNY Band

The MCs at the eventThe attractive models lining up during the lucky draw

This event was organized by Nikon Malaysia as an appreciation night and Chinese New Year(CNY) dinner for their dealers.

Besides this Chinese group, the other live band entertainments for the evening include a 3 piece Stroller Band and a 5 piece Jazz Band, both groups featuring singers (male and female)

If you miss Part 1, here is the link to watch the Stroller and Jazz Band at Nikon’s CNY dinner event.

Jazz Band KL | Stroller Band | Nikon Dinner - Part 1

This video reveal clips of live band performance by Jason Geh’s Jazz and Stroller Band during Nikon’s Dealer’s Appreciation Night on February the 2nd 2012. This event held in Sunway Resort Petaling Jaya (Malaysia) was also in conjunction with the Chinese New Year Celebration 2012.

The 3 piece Stroller Band performed unplugged at the foyer during cocktail and the 5 piece Jazz Band featuring a female singer performed later in the ballroom during dinner.

5 piece Jazz Band in KL featuring a female singer3 piece Stroller Band performing unplugged at the foyer during cocktail

Speech by Mr David NgThe lucky draw

Jason Geh supplied a Chinese Traditional Band to alternate with the Jazz Band. It was refreshing to hear two contrasting bands varying in sound and style, one modern and the other traditional. Click on the link to view performance by the Chinese Traditional Band.