Jan 21, 2013

String Band | Takaful Event | KL

This video feature Jason Geh’s 3 Piece String Group performing at the 1st Premier Awards, a Takaful / AIA Event held at Le Meridien Hotel KL on the 19th of January 2013.

The String Trio comprising of a violinist, a violist and a cellist performed a wide range of instrumental music from classical to contemporary, pop to jazz at the foyer area, outside the grand ballroom of Le Meridien, as pre-dinner entertainment.

Here are some technical details. Note that some reverb was added to the audio during post production, if you’ve notice the lushness of the sound. And the string musicians performed without any sound amplification i.e microphones, speakers etc.

Fortunately, the group was audible for this occasion as there weren’t many people gathering at the foyer. However, the sound amplification is recommended in order for the music to be not inundated by a whole lot of chatter (which is typically the case)

Jason Geh String Trio performed at the 1st Premier Awards The 1st Premier Awards organize by Takaful and AIA Malaysia

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Jan 20, 2013

Jazz Band | BlueScope Event 2013 | KL

Jason Geh Jazz Band performed for BlueScope Lysaght Employee Appreciation Dinner / Annual Dinner at Shah Alam Convention Centre (SACC) on the 18th of January 2013.

This event featured Jason’s resident members of the band entertaining the crowd during dinner with songs that was requested by the committee.

The singer wore a new pinkish outfit for this event with all the members adorned with a hat as that was the theme of the night.

Note that the MC was only kidding; Jason’s Jazz Band is based in Kuala Lumpur and not all the way from Hollywood!

Jason Geh Jazz Band at BlueScope Lysaght Annual Dinner 2013 BlueScope Lysaght Employee Appreciation Dinner 2013

Besides the Jazz Band, other entertainments include games, lucky draw, award presentation and rounding off the night with a special performance by Helmi and the Gimmick!

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Jan 19, 2013

Harpist @ Nikon Annual Dinner | KL

Below I offer for your viewing and listening pleasure snippets of a solo harp player performing at Nikon’s Annual Dinner 2013.

This event was held in Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club (or more fondly known simply as KLGCC)

This type of performance is suited for quiet, romantic and intimate dinner events. Acoustically, the harp is a soft instrument and will require amplification to be audible and effective.

Excuse the chatter and plate sounds on the video clip as there were quite a large number of guests attending this particular event; but you get the idea of a harp performance now.

I just love those glissando.. the harp trademark for sure. So beautiful!

Here's the titles of the 2 tunes featured on this video in case you're wondering:-
  • Tara's theme (Gone with the wind) 
  • Can't help falling in love 
Nikon Malaysia Annual Dinner 2013 A solo harpist performing at Nikon's Annual Dinner 2013

I had flash backs of myself playing Tara's theme on the electone when I heard the harpist play. It's like as though she's performing repertoires straight out from my electone books that were in fact classics. That just reminded me of my childhood and teaching days!

However, I could only include two tunes on this video as the other recordings had too much background noise.

Incidentally, the harp was hook up to a special clip-on microphone for this particular occasion.

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