Oct 29, 2010

Jazz Quartet Malaysia @ Corporate Event

Today’s corporate event features a Jazz Quartet comprising of Malaysian jazz musicians that are base in Kuala Lumpur. They are very popular and are much in demand as entertainers to perform at events around Malaysia.

From weddings to anniversaries, product launches to birthdays, weddings to corporate events etc. They do travel outstation or overseas to perform if required.

The Jazz Quartet is lead by International Electone Festival winner Jason Geh on keyboard. His band mates include a guitarist, saxophonist and a bass player.

If you are wondering what the “stick” like instrument is on the video, it is an electric upright / double bass. And no, it is not suspended in mid air; there is actually a metal stand underneath the body that seems to create that illusion.

It produces roughly the same sound as an acoustic bass. The difference being it needs amplification to generate sound, it is lighter thus more mobile and it looks cool! And it obviously needs an ultra skilled musician to play it too : )

Profile photo of Jason Geh Jazz QuartetOpening speech

The presentationTHe attendees at the event

Jason Geh offers many variety of live band line-up that specially caters for the occasion. Call him up, let him know what kind of event it is, what kind of crowd will be present, the instruments preferred, the date, venue and the kind of ambient that is required. He will be able to arrange for you.

The budget is also vital to determine the band. A larger ensemble will be ideal for certain occasions and not so for others. For an event like today, the jazz quartet was adequate.

No vocals were even required as the guest mainly wanted to network and converse comfortably among themselves. The music level tends to increase with vocals and might interfere with the diner’s conversation. So don’t be surprise if you hear chattering at the background while viewing the video clip. It is meant to be such.

Thus today, the quartet performed instrumental jazz standards in the style of swing, bossanova, R & B, funk, light rock, slow rock and latin to entertain their guests of about 50 people(5 tables).

It is HSBC’s investor and analyst Road show dinner held in the Marriott hotel Kuala Lumpur on 28.10.10. Jason Geh and his team have been involved with many HSBC events through the years.

A momento given to the presenterThe Jazz Quartet performing LIVE

Be sure to call Jason at 016 2800216 to find out more about his Jazz Quartet and other live band entertainment that he provides in Malaysia. It could be for your corporate event or any other function you might be planning to have.

Note that Jason manages an extensive music blog that is not to be missed!

Go there now! : )

Another image of the Jazz QuartetThe closing speech

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Oct 26, 2010

Live Band KL @ Corporate Event | Fusion Band

This article features a KL based Live Band performing at a corporate event on 25.10.10. This fusion band is very “Malaysian” for two reasons. The members of the band consist of chinese, malay and Indian race. And their repertoire diverse, having a mix of instrumental and vocal selections, rendering chinese, malay and western songs.

Saxophone playerEr hu playerThe female singer sings western songs (Jazz, oldies, contemporary), malay songs and chinese songs (both modern and traditional). She is multi lingual thus being able to converse with her audience in both english and chinese.

It is called “fusion band” because the band “fuses”(integrates) both modern and traditional instruments i.e saxophone, keyboard and double bass being modern instruments with the er hu being the latter.

Their performance features the female and male singer, as well as the er hu and saxophone. Note that the male singer also plays the double bass... he is Indian but sings chinese and western oldies extremely well. This is due to the long stint he had in Taiwan during his early years as a musician.

Jason Geh Live Band performing at the eventRegistration counter

Raymond Goh, the master of ceremony

This live band concept was exactly what the organizers wanted for this event. It is the signing ceremony between Perwaja and Sinosteel held in the KL Hilton. The event began about 5:00pm at the partitioned grand ballroom with speeches by Ybhg Tan Sri Abu Sahid and special guest Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

They had the signing ceremony after that, followed by the press conference. They then moved on to the other side of the ballroom for their dinner. This is when the Live Band lead by Jason Geh, started their performance with music that was light and easy.

It was an extremely diverse listening crowd with more affinity towards malay songs from Perwaja and a fondness for chinese songs from Sinosteel’s side. Thus, Jason Geh’s Fusion Band was totally ideal and appropriate to provide live dinner music as entertainment for this special event.

There were three songs specially requested by the client for the band to perform:-
  • Xing Qing 星晴 - Jay Chou
  • Ting Hai 聽海 - Amei
  • Dan Yuan Ren Chang Jiu 但願人長久 - Teresa Teng
YB Tan Sri Abu Sahid and Tun Dr Mahathir MohamadAn image of the grand piano outside the main ballroom

YB Tan Sri Abu Sahid presenting a momento to Tun Dr.Mahathir MohamadFusion Band LIVE at the event

They played one set, took a break and came back on again with their second and final set. The event ended at 9:00pm.

This comment made by the organizer to Jason Geh aptly summarized the band’s performance, “Client was very happy with your band. They liked your selections of songs especially the malay ones”

To find out more about Live Band / Fusion Band for corporate events in KL, Malaysia, go to Jason Geh’s music website / blog. Or just give him a call at 016 2800216.

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Oct 25, 2010

Singer & Musicians @ Birthday | KL Malaysia

Ruby called up Jason Geh last week during her search to hire a small group of performers comprising of singer and musicians to perform LIVE at her birthday party on 24th October 2010.

Singer and Musicians performing LIVE at the Birthday PartyGuests having dinner

An image of Bob, Ruby and thier daughtercrowd toasting with the birthday celebrants

She googled, found Jason Geh and was instantly captivated. Her mind was set on Jason to provide live entertainment for her special event.

If anyone goes on the internet in search for live bands, jazz bands, singers and musicians, they will come across Jason’s websites. He has years of experience performing and managing live bands for events in Malaysia and has an extensive presence online.

The 50th Birthday celebrants Bob and RubyThis is Ruby and her husband Bob’s 50th birthday party. It’s hard to believe they are 50 years of age as they still emanate a young demeanor. Ruby sounded so vibrant and young on the phone that made Jason stump when it was revealed she was celebrating her golden year.

Ruby wanted live entertainment during dinner and later. She also wanted guests that attended her party to dance to the band’s music. She emphasized her affinity for music from Rod Steward’s greatest American songbook. “The way you look tonight” is one of her favorite songs.

Today’s live band line-up consists of a guitar player / singer, a saxophone / conga player and a double bass player.

The event was held at Sassoroso italian restaurant, lorong yap kwan seng. Ruby invited immediate family and close friends of about 20 persons to her party.

Ruby making a toast with her guestsCheers!

For more information on Singers and Musicians for your birthday event, call Jason Geh at 016 2800216. Do visit his music blog to find out more.

Oct 24, 2010

Live Band Performance – Trio (Guitar/ Singer, Sax & Double Bass) @ Wedding in KL

Today’s 3 piece live band, comprise of a double bassist, a guitarist who can also sing and a saxophonist/ conga player. The songs that were sung were a mixture from Elvis Presley, Bee Gees, Cliff Richard, and much much more later hits..

Tsk tsk, this event was held in Lagoon 1, of Sunway Resort Hotel. What a hot day for weddings.. all 3 ballrooms were having weddings simultaneously. It was a bit of a mumbo jumbo when our saxophonist left his keys in the car with his sax in it.. but b’cos we were rather early, he managed to get someone to finally open the car lock !

Jason Geh Live Trio Band with band manager GinaIce carving by Sunway Resort

The cake cutting ceremonyThe champagne pouring ceremony

Most importantly, the Bride & Groom(Siyuan and Jiun), said, it was an awesome performance! Take a look at the video… ~ Gina

For more details on Live Band Performances(Trio) for wedding events in KL, Malaysia, call Jason Geh at 016 2800216

Toasting ceremonyLive Band Performance, Trio Setting LIVE at the wedding reception

Profile photo of the Live BandBride and groom, Jiun and Siyuan

Jazz Band | Wedding Live Band featuring Singer, Saxophone and Er hu

This video montage depicts Jason Geh Live Band performing at the wedding dinner of Wai Sen and Angeline at Eastin hotel Petaling Jaya, Malaysia on 23rd October 2010.

Today’s wedding live band comprise of a female singer, saxophone player, er hu player and Jason Geh himself on keyboard. This is a very unique music ensemble integrating modern and ethnic instruments.

The keyboard and saxophone are basically modern instruments combining the er hu, which is actually a chinese violin.

Do consider this wedding jazz band for your imminent wedding or corporate events in Malaysia as it has a very interesting and diverse sound.

Portrait of newly weds Wai Sen and AngelineProfile photo of Jazz Band / Wedding Live Band

the crowd at the foyerthe reception area

The er hu player basically renders chinese classics that will sure to appeal to the more elderly listening crowd i.e the parents and parent’s friends of wedding couples. The singer and saxophone will perform a variety of repertoire from jazz standards, oldies, latin to love ballades, R & B and even Kenny G material.

For more information on this Jazz band / Wedding Live Band, do contact band manager Jason Geh at 016 2800216.

For more about Jason Geh and his services, kindly visit his music blog / website. He provides different types of live bands, string quartet, sound and lighting system, backdrop, projectors or anything you might require for your occasion.

Jason Geh Jazz Band performing LIVE at the wedding eventchampagne pouring ceremony

the toasting ceremonyspeech by the groom Wai Sen

If you have the budget and confidence in him, he will be able to deliver.

You are most welcome to leave comments down below. Do refer this post to your friends that might be interested in hiring a good Jazz Band / Wedding Live Band as entertainment for their events.

Thank you.

Oct 18, 2010

Hire Jazz Band with Sound System @ Weddings

I would like to take this opportunity in today’s article to speak about hiring Jazz band together with the sound system at weddings in Malaysia.

After today’s experience, I would highly recommend any bridal couple who is engaging a jazz band for their wedding to include the sound system. Never under estimate the significance of having reliable sound.

To me it makes little sense to hire a good jazz band when there is no proper sound support. Packaging the sound with the band is absolutely essential for the band to sound good. A wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion and I am sure wedding couples would want it to be memorable.

Sound system that is provided by hotels and restaurants are basically for announcements and do not have the capacity to handle live bands. I have encountered many clients who are of utmost concern on sourcing a good quality band to hire for their wedding reception but are unaware of the importance of having compatible sound support.

I must admit I have in the past tried to help client budget by utilizing the venue’s sound system but as I’ve mentioned after today’s event, my view on that has changed.

Guests at the weddingA view of the stage

I was at the venue at 3:30pm today, an earlier arrival for me than my usual sound check time. I felt confident that there would be ample time to sort out the sound and being there early gave me the allowance to ironed out any unforeseen technical issues that may arise and usually do when relying on foreign sound support.

Unfortunately, the restaurant has their own rules and I was told that the technician will only be arriving later.

When the technician finally arrived at almost 6pm, there were insufficient microphones for us and the reverberation of their sound system was centralize thus assigning individual reverb to different instruments / voice were not possible.

What this means is you either have reverb for the whole band or not at all which is to us unacceptable, as we require reverb for the vocal and saxophone but not for the keyboard. This was apparently not possible.

At the end, we reluctantly had to acquiesce for the reverb to be disabled and the conga was not amplified due to the lack of microphones. Consequently, the integrity of the band had to be “compromised”… from my perspective at least…

Profile photo of Jason Geh Jazz BandNewly weds Christina and Tristan with band manager Jason Geh

Having said that, I realize this is how I felt personally on hindsight, but to be honest, I doubt the guest at the wedding or even the bridal couple themselves felt any inadequacies in the sound of the band. Everyone still enjoyed our music and the band received constant applaud of appreciation throughout the night.

Hence in reality, most people at the event will be too busy eating, drinking, chatting and basically having a good time. They will react to the live band in a more holistic manner, in terms of how the band looks, whether they can be heard and whether they could relate to the band’s choice of song selections.

The music must be set at a comfortable listening level, not too loud where they are still able to speak effortlessly and not too soft to the point where the band loses its presence. Then again this is a rather subjective topic as it all depends on where you are seated at the venue in relation to the location of the speakers.

The pouring of champagneCake cutting

Tristan’s comments rounded off the evening for me, “Great music Jason, I’ll definitely recommend your band to my friends”

By the way, this is the wedding reception of Tristan and Christina held at the Golden Dragonboat Restaurant KL on the 17th of October 2010.

If you wish to hire a Jazz band with sound system at your wedding in Malaysia, give me a call at 016 2800216 to get more information and clarification ~ Jason Geh

The toasting ceremonyWedding couple Christina and Tristan

Oct 15, 2010

Jazz Band Entertainment | Singer & Keyboardist @ Wedding Event in Malaysia

Are you looking for a Jazz band as entertainment for your wedding reception in Malaysia? You have arrived at the right website.

Jason Geh perform and provide many forms of live band entertainment from Jazz band, live band to acoustic band, string quartet etc for all occasions. Go to his music blog to view archives of his past performances as well as the most current ones.

His site is regularly updated thus you will be able to view his latest performance. There are links to his other websites that thoroughly testify his authenticity and his experience in the Malaysian music industry.

Jason Geh, the keyboardist and his singerThe guest at the ballroom

Ahmad and Gwen at the pelaminThe emcees at the event

He made Malaysia proud by being the first south-east Asian to win the International Electone Festival in Paris. Here is Jason Geh in a nutshell. There is a video of his performance in Paris on that site.

Today, Jason and his singer performed at a Malay wedding held in Concorde hotel Shah Alam. It is the wedding of Ahmad Isyraf and Merinie aka “Gwen” happening on the 14th of October 2010.

Jason Geh and TiaJason Geh flanked by bridal coupleThere are a number of songs featured by them on the video provided above. A brightness video effect has been added to the clip due to insufficient lighting at the venue.

Note that this is by no means a profile video of them but rather a raw clip taken during their live events that will enable you to get a “feel” of their performance.

For more information on singer and keyboardist as Jazz band entertainment for your wedding, anniversaries, annual dinners, birthdays, product launches, corporate or other type of events / function in Malaysia, be sure to check out his websites.

Or just give him a buzz at 016 2800216.

The merinjis ceremonyThe cake cutting ceremony

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