Jan 24, 2009

Vocalist, Violinist and Musicians at MISC Event - KL, Malaysia

What a colorful nite! We had famous vocalist, violinist, and musicians as entertainment for this event. It is MISC's retirement and long service awards presentation held in Hilton KL on 23rd January 2009.
violinist, saxophonist and keyboard player

Featuring a lady violin player and a local male singer namely Man Bai who is very popular in Malaysia. He is the one that sang and popularize "Kau Ilham Ku". Man Bai was accompanied by musicians from Jason Geh Entertainment.
MISC Award Presentationmusicians in KL, Malaysia

There was also a special guest artiste performance by Malaysian vocalist Syafinaz, that totally enthralled and mesmerize the crowd at the event with her powerful voice.
Malaysian vocalist SyafinazRecording artiste from Malaysia - Man Bai

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Jason Geh and Man BaiSyafinaz and Jason Geh
Vocalist, Violinist and Musicians at MISC Event

Jan 22, 2009

Malaysia - Live Band Entertainment for Farewell Dinner

An evening in honour of Y.Bhg. Dato Mohammed Azlan Bin Hashim who is leaving Proton. This farewell dinner had entertainment by a 4 piece Live Band featuring a male vocalist accompanied by 3 versatile jazz musicians. It was held in Mandarin Oriental Kl, Malaysia on 22nd January 2009.
Live Band Entertainment

Live Band Entertainment MalaysiaLive Band Entertainment KL

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Jan 18, 2009

Wedding Live Band in KL, Malaysia

"Wedding Live Band" from Jason Geh Entertainment providing entertainment for the Wedding reception of Ee Lenn and Charles Lim at Covershots Bridal, Plaza Kelana Jaya, Malaysia on the 17th of January 2009. Today's three piece music band is unplugged, comprising of musicians on the acoustic guitar/vocals, double bass/vocals and bongo/flute/vocals.
Wedding Live Band in KL, Malaysia

Our live band and musicians from Jason Geh Entertainment are talented and experience as they are professionals that have devoted their lives to perfecting the art of music. We know what type of Songs our Malaysians enjoy listening to and will select the appropriate repertoire that appeals to people of all ages.
Wedding Live BandLive Music Band

We play music you're familiar with that will get you singing along and tapping your feet instinctively. We're also able to effortlessly deliver all kinds of spontaneous song request from the guest. This is due to our years spent performing and our mind-set on perpetual learning.
Wedding Music Band in KLWedding Band Malaysia

A "walking library" some may call us but there's actually truth in that as most common songs are already in our heads and we're able to render it "by heart" without too much reference to any music sheets. Playing music has become second nature to us and this comes from a live time of dedication, discipline and perseverance.

Wedding Live Band in MalaysiaWedding Live Band in KL

Let us heal you with our music : )

Jan 15, 2009

Band Entertainment Malaysia - Music Band for Events

We provide Professional Music Band Entertainment in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Ensuring to deliver quality entertainment with experience and seasoned singers / musicians that have the mind-set of "entertainment". Our Music Band are able to render selection of Songs from Jazz to pop, country to R&B, latin to retro, oldies to ballade including English, Chinese and Malay repertoire.
Band Entertainment Malaysia

Today's event(14th January 2009) happens to be Christian Dior's Annual Dinner that was held in Italiannies Restaurant, The Gardens Mall. Our Music Band line up comprise of female singer, saxophone player, electric bass player that incidentally sings beautifully and myself on keyboards.
Music Band for EventsMusic Band for functions

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Band Entertainment KLMusic Band Entertainment Malaysia

Jan 13, 2009

Live Band for Corporate Events in KL, Malaysia

We're here at Saujana Resort for a Product launch where the Live Band from Jason Geh Entertainment is performing. Today's band line up comprise of Er Hu player, Saxophone player and myself on keyboards. Be sure to check out the video report above. There's a celebrity guest inside. To find out who, watch the video! : )
live band for corporate events in KL, Malaysialive band in KL

music band in MalaysiaLive Band for events and functions in KL, Malaysia

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Jan 11, 2009

Wedding Music Performers in KL, Malaysia

Tonight's wedding dinner event features Jason Geh Entertainment's Wedding Music Performers that's base in KL, Malaysia. Both Danny Lim and Kristie Liew, more fondly known as Hui Lan are doctors in Australia. Hui Lan came back to KL last month to prepare for her wedding.

Anyone who has gone through the process of marriage before will know that it's no easy task. Hiring wedding planners, photographers, flowers, food tasting, not forgetting engaging the appropriate entertainment and music performers for guest that's essentially comprise of the young and old.
Wedding Music Performers in MalaysiaMusic Performers in KL, Malaysia

How do you find wedding music performers that caters for the listening taste of friends within a married couple's age range as well as friends of their parents age range? That's where we come in. Jason Geh Entertainment provides live bands, female/male singers, traditional and modern instrumentalist and musicians for such unique occasions and events.
Malaysian Wedding PerformersMusic Performers as Wedding Entertainment

Through my years performing in chinese weddings, I notice that the more elderly people in general loves chinese songs being played on traditional chinese instruments such as the Er Hu, Ti cher, Ku chen etc... Having said that, they also love English oldies being carried out by a mellifluous singer or saxophone player.
Wedding Music Performers in KL

My team in Jason Geh Entertainment specializes in diversity. Time and time again, we have brought listening pleasure in the abundance to people, healing them from the stress and pressures of life and at the same time attracting compliments from clients that have engage our services as we are the masters of selecting the right Songs for any occasion regardless whether it's a corporate event, product launch, annual dinner, anniversaries, private parties or weddings...

Jan 1, 2009

Live Band Performance KL - New Year's Eve 2008

It's New Year's Eve and this is our last live band performance in KL, Malaysia for the year 2008. This is the ideal time to reflect on my achievements and my challenges I've endured the past 12 months. I have met many new friends and collaborated with talented musicians and artiste since establishing "Jason Geh Entertainment".
Live Band Performance KL

I'm glad to essentially look back at my life and realize that I have grown not only as a musician but as an entertainer and entrepreneur. It has been an "eye opener" to have step out from just being a musician and delve into aspects of the music business in Malaysia.
Live Band Performance MalaysiaLive Band KL

What I can say is that for those musicians who love playing music should stick to performing, as being a musician and taking on the role of a music manager, an agent or a music marketer is entirely a new "ball game". For the past many years of my life, I have literally eat and breathe nothing else but music. Since 2007 till now, I have gone through a gradual transformation out of my own design and I have to admit that I'm still coming to terms with being a marketer.
Live Band MalaysiaLive Music KL, Malaysia

On a more general note, I'm also beginning to understand why the society and the world is what it is today, through my own personal soul searching. Don't just say "That's life". Ask yourself why the world is in such a state, keep searching and you will find. I would like to end today's post with a quote "None are more hopelessly enslave than those who falsely believe that they're free". Have a great 2009!
Malaysia - Live Band PerformanceKL - Live Band Performance