Feb 27, 2011

Jazz Trio Performs @ Launch, KL

Here is a Jazz Trio performing during a product launch in KL Malaysia. Provided by Jason Geh Entertainment, this music group comprised of three versatile jazz musicians (Saxophonist, Violinist and Keyboardist)

They performed instrumental music that was “easy on the ears” as entertainment during this dinner event that was held at KL Hilton ballroom on the 25th of February 2011. As the organizers of the event opted for a Jazz Trio that is without a vocalist, the saxophonist and violinist took turns to render the melody while the keyboardist accompanies.

The musicians that make up the Jazz TrioThe Jazz Trio performing during the cocktail session

The Jazz Trio providing music entertainment during dinnerThe band manager with the MC

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Feb 26, 2011

Live Band Malaysia | Singer & Musicians @ Readsoft Event

Are you looking for Live Band Entertainment to spice up your event in KL, Malaysia? If you are, watch this video montage below.

The video features a Malaysian Live Band made up of professional singers and musicians performing at Readsoft’s customer appreciation dinner event held at the Renaissance hotel Kuala Lumpur on the 25th of February 2011.

The band, led by International Electone Festival winner Jason Geh performed two sessions; the first being mainly instrumental featuring the saxophonist, er hu player and guitarist / singer; and the second session featuring the band’s female singer.

Members of the bandOne of the speakers at the event

Readsoft's group photoJason Geh's Live Band performing

If you are interested to know more about this Live Band for events in Malaysia, do call Jason Geh directly at 016 2800216. It is also a good idea to examine Jason’s Live Band website for extensive references on his band and other forms of music entertainment that he provides.

One of the award recipientAn image of the Live Band taken after the event

Feb 19, 2011

*Live Band KL* @ Hap Seng CNY Event

This Live Band is based in KL, Malaysia. There are a total of 4 performers in the group i.e Singer, Er hu player, Saxophonist backed by Jason Geh on keyboard. Jason is also the manager and leader of the band.

This versatile Live Band mainly perform for events around Malaysia from corporate events to product launches, annual dinners to weddings, anniversaries to birthdays and many other occasions.

This Live Band is prominent at events due to the colorful sound that they produced. The band combined modern and traditional elements that are appealing among the populace. Their performance repertoire is easy on the ears consisting of evergreens, light jazz, latin to malay songs and chinese classics.

Live Band in KL featuring Singer, Er hu, Saxophonist and KeyboardistA light moment

A view of the guests at the CNY eventOpening speech by the CEO

Their repertoire are also carefully selected in a way to produce a blend of diverse rhythms and tempos from ballade, foxtrot, bossanova to the livelier swing, rock & roll, samba, cha cha and disco.

The event depicted on the video above is Hap Seng Credit’s chinese new year dinner / customers appreciation dinner held at Jaya palace restaurant Petaling Jaya on the 18th of February 2011.

For more information on Live Band that features Singer, Er hu and Saxophone, give Jason Geh a call at 016 2800216. There are other forms of event bands and music entertainment that are available if required.

The toasting ceremonyProfile photo of Jason Geh's Live Band

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Feb 3, 2011

String Quartet in KL | exclusive performance

The video montage below depicts a String Quartet that is based in KL Malaysia performing for a private house gathering in country heights kajang.

What is on this video?
  • Arriving at the house
  • Introduction by Jason Geh (band manager)
  • Performance by String Quartet (excerpts of 9 pieces of varied styles)
The String Quartet which consists of 4 talented stringed musicians performed exclusively for about 10 people mainly family members on the 2nd of February 2011.

The stringed musicians are made up of the 1st violinist, 2nd violinist, viola player and cellist.

Profile photo of the String QuartetString Quartet performing LIVE during the exclusive performance

Besides private performances, the String Quartet performs for other occasions like corporate events, product launches, annual dinners, anniversaries, weddings, birthdays and many more.

They have a very wide repertoire of performances pieces ranging from baroque, classical, broadway musicals, movie soundtracks to evergreens, ballades, jazz standards, country etc

A light moment between the violinist and a little oneThe cellist

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