May 31, 2009

Don’t hire "wedding singers" until you read this!

Before hiring wedding singers for your wedding in KL or Malaysia, there are certain things to take note of.

Firstly, a lot of wedding couples ask me whether they need to acquire entertainment or performance license when hiring wedding singers or live bands to perform for their wedding in Malaysia. Well, entertainment license is only required for company events and not for weddings, which essentially benefit the wedding couple as they get to save on the license fees. Yeah!
Wedding singers performing in Port Dickson, MalaysiaWedding couple Bee Teng and Jason Yew

Secondly, our wedding singers and music group can consist of three to five professional musicians / singers and crew from the sound supplier. For example, if you were to opt for the jazz quartet package with the sound system, you’ll be receiving 4 top quality, experience and talented musicians / wedding singer and the entire sound system to support the band including external speakers / stage monitors / sound engineer / audio player / musical instruments / amplifiers / audio mixer / microphones etc.

Hence, wedding clients need to set aside a reasonable budget allocation for the hiring of wedding singers / entertainment. An affordable investment to retain beautiful memories of a once in a life time occasion.
Scenic view from Corus Paradise Resort where the wedding singers were stayingThe beautiful chalets at Avillion hotel, Port Dickson where the wedding reception was held

The guest at the weddingThe wedding couple with Jason Geh, the live band guy

Thirdly, longer performance duration doesn’t mean better. I believe in giving the best show during performance and leave the audience craving for more of the wedding singers. If the spectators leave the wedding feeling that they had enough or too much, then that’s not entertainment any longer. Wedding couples tend to equate longer with better. For me it's about providing color, quality and ultimately value, during a stipulated performance duration.
Group photo of the wedding couple with their friendsWedding singers serenade the bride and groom

Guest at the wedding dancing to the beat of the wedding bandWedding singers providing live music for Bee and Jason's first dance

Today, our wedding singers performed for the wedding of Jason Yew and Bee Teng at Avillion Port Dickson on the 30th of May 2009. It was a very romantic wedding reception dinner held by the beach with our wedding singers entertaining the guest with easy listening favorites and later hype up their repertoire for an active dance session with the guest.

Yes, we do perform for weddings outside of KL as well.

Do spend some moments browsing through my wedding singer website. There’s a few key videos there about us. Go to my other music band website, to view archives of our past performances.

May 17, 2009

“Wedding Singer” for my wedding in Malaysia???

Wedding Singer and Wedding band profile photoWedding singer - Champagne pouring ceremony

This is my response to a frequent question I get a lot from wedding couples who are getting married in Malaysia and are looking for live entertainment for their wedding reception.

“Do you think a wedding singer is relevant for my wedding entertainment?”

Well, that depends entire on the wedding couple. Jason Geh Entertainment provides live band with and without wedding singers. In my opinion, the band will sound more colorful when there’s instrumental music intersperse with vocal music. It will be more interesting and less monotonous.

Wedding Singer singing live with the jazz bandWedding singer - cake cutting

Our typical three piece band do actually include wedding singer or singers. Let me illustrate a few options.

Three piece wedding band.
This group comprise of three musicians that sing and play their musical instruments simultaneously. The acoustic guitar, double bass and percussion / flute player are singers as well as musicians. I would hence consider them to be wedding singers.

Three piece wedding jazz band.
This group compose of saxophone, keyboards and bass player. The saxophonist delivers the melody for instrumental numbers and the bassist sings. Thus, this is also considered a live band with “wedding singer”.

Four piece wedding jazz band.
Take for example today’s live band set-up. This is incidentally the wedding reception of Mr Lim Meng Tzee and Ms Fiona Choy held in Equatorial hotel Kl, Malaysia on the 16th of May 2009. This music group combined saxophone, er hu, keyboards and guitar player that sings. And will be again considered a jazz band with “wedding singer”.

Wedding singer - Wedding couple toasting with the guestWedding singer - Jason Geh with the wedding couple Meng Tzee and Fiona

So, the answer to the question would be a resounding “Yes, wedding singers are relevant to enhance the overall sound of music.” Nevertheless, you can specify that you just require instrumental music. Or you’d prefer a female wedding singer instead? Or perhaps a male and a female wedding singer taking turns to sing? Wouldn’t that be nice?

In conclusion, it basically boils down to your preference and budget allocation on the matter of “wedding singer”.

May 6, 2009

Live Music Entertainment at Reader’s Digest Event

Live Music for this event was provided by Jason Geh Entertainment. This versatile four piece Malaysian music band comprise of saxophone player, double bass player, keyboard player and drummer. They produce light jazz music entertainment for the guest during dinner.
Live Music Entertainment by JaysJam! quartet

This event is Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand Dinner where top products and services in Malaysia were awarded for their excellence. Awards were given out by the guest of honor for the night, Y.B. Dato’ Mukhriz Mahathir.
Speech by guest of honor Y.B. Dato’ Mukhriz MahatirA representative receiving an award

All the winners taking a group photoEmcee Patrick Teoh and music director Jason Geh

I was delighted to stumble upon my friend Mr Patrick Teoh who was incidentally the emcee for this function held at the KL Hilton ballroom on the 5th of May 2009.