Jan 31, 2008

30th Jan 08 - KL Convention Centre Appreciation Nite

It was a night filled with entertainment, from live bands, silat performance, fire breathing humans to arcade games, shotting hoops and salsa dance. Felt like I was in a circus in actual fact but with plenty of good food and booze to go around.

Different variety of bands performed from a string trio, chinese quartet, traditional malay group to mariachi band, rock band and a jazz band.
It was held at the Exibition Hall 1 and 2 of KL Convention Centre naturally. A gigantic stage was set up for most of the bands to perform. The jazz band was at the Jazz Lounge one floor up.

Not surprising to get a lot of guest coming into the Jazz lounge despite the fact that the entrance was hidden when you have free flow of cigars, booze and live Jazz music, rite?
Organization could have been better when the Jazz band were made to change from one location to another after initial set up and ended up playing till 11pm when we were told the event would finnish by 9pm. And without proper amplification. My poor double bassist. Oh well...

Met a lady that was still very much into Electone music and was disappointed that I was not in the Electone scene anymore. Imploring me to guide and lead potential Electone players like herself and others by setting up a fan club or something. I have my reasons for not being in Yamaha anymore.

Another highlight of the night was receiving a compliment when you least expect it. When it's so spontaneous and you know they meant it and not just saying it.
Anyway, this will be my last post for January, see you next month.

Jan 27, 2008

26th Jan 08 - Wedding of Stephanie and Gary / Ben and Eng Ling

JaysJam! lead by Jason Geh performing at the Wedding of Stephanie and Gary at Marriott Putrajaya. All I can say that it's a night filled with beautiful people who appreciate and are not afraid to show their appreciation to good music. One of the best crowds I've ever encountered. Musicians like me look forward to days like this.

One guy came up to me after our performance and revealed how much they enjoyed the band's music and performance. I later found out that he was Kee Thuan Chye, Associate Editor of the "Star Publication". I'm sure you guys heard of that name.

I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank Danny Foo, Gary and Stephanie for having us and also to thank my talented musicians for giving their best and being thoroughly professional and obliging.

Hi Julie. Nice meeting you. We'll catch up really soon!

Bottom left: Yam Seh
Right: Strollers from JaysJam! entertaining the guest at the foyer

Wedding couple Gary and Stephanie posing with Jason Geh

Wedding of Benjamin and Eng Ling
Another live jazz band from JaysJam! featuring Sonia on vocals was performing at Ben and Eng Ling's wedding at Shangrila Kl. Tun Mahathir was one of the VIP guest.

Jan 26, 2008

25th Jan 08 - Vitagen Appreciation Night

Two piece live band
This is my first time performing at Cititel Hotel(next to Mid Valley). A Vitagen Appreciation Night specifically for staff who are HDD(Home Delivery Distrubutors)

Brenda and Jason with some light entertainment

Jan 23, 2008

22nd Jan 08 - Vision Pacific Annual Dinner 2007

Live band performance during Vision Pacific Annual Dinner 2007 at Crowne Plaza Hotel Kl. The first thing I notice during set up was the poster with "Annual Dinner 2007" on it. I later found out that it wasn't a printing error, Too busy to celebrate last year...

This company deals with leather and has three outlets in KL apparently. Was amazed by the the amount of young chinese employees who attented the Event. I felt that I was performing for a college Prom-Nite! They partied hard despite the absence of any alchoholic beverages. Photo below shows a Magician having fun with the boss of Vision Pacific.

Jan 20, 2008

19th Jan 08 - Wedding of Johan and Janice

The last of the 3 musketeers finally settled down. Starting with Alvin in June 2007, follow by Eric in November 2007 then Johan, January 2008. Me and my band are very proud to be part of their special moments in life. Thanks Alvin for starting the ball rolling!

Jan 17, 2008

17th Jan 08 - Bonus link Dinner

Jazz performance by Mia Palencia and Jason Geh(Awaiting photo from Tasha...)

Deanna Yusof(Emcee for the night) and Jason Geh. Was really good to see Deanna again since our New Year's Eve performance at Pulau Pangkor 2006.

Comedy Court by Indie and Allan

16th Jan 08 - UTStarcom Conference

JaysJam! performing at the conference featuring Chin Wei, a multi instrumentalist that plays the Pan flute, chinese flute, alto and soprano saxophone with Charmaine on Violin.
Great to have finally met you Bruce! The Email that lead to UTStarcom Conference.

Jan 4, 2008

4th Jan 08 - Galaxy Gathering

Brenda Lee accompanied by Jason Geh on keyboards. Go to www.myspace.com/jasongeh for more info on JaysJam! and Jason

Bottom left: Galaxy staff rendering an item
Bottom right: Mr RTM Ee Fan dueting with Galaxy Managing Director Dato' Thomas Khung Fanen

Bottom left: Rhumba band performing
Bottom right: Dato' Thomas with some Galaxians