Feb 15, 2009

String Quartet in KL, Malaysia - String Quartet Entertainment

This is the wedding of Rajendra and Morine held in PJ Hilton. Very romantic of the couple to choose February 14th, Valentines day as their wedding date.
String Quartet performance

Rajendra is a lawyer by profession who loves classical music in the form of String Quartet. Composers such as Mozart, Beethoven, Handel and Bach truly appeals to him and his musically incline family. Incidentally, Rajendra is also a violin player that use to play for the local orchestra. With his background, it isn't a surprise for him to engage a string quartet to entertain his guest during this memorable occasion.
Guest having cocktailA photo of the wedding couple Rajendra and Morine

Rajendra was very careful in selecting the music to be rendered for the evening. The string quartet essentially performed two sets. The first set comprise of strictly chamber music and the second set with more of an assortment of oldies and contemporary selections.
Cake cutting ceremony of the wedding coupleChampagne pouring ceremony of Rajendra and Morine's wedding

Be sure to check out the video below. It's a summary of the evening which includes a special surprise at the end. For more information on engaging string quartet, jazz band, and other forms of entertainment, do proceed to my entertainment website.