Jan 24, 2011

Chinese Orchestra Entertainment | KL Malaysia

Looking for Chinese Orchestra Entertainment for your event in KL Malaysia?

This Chinese Orchestra is made up of 11 musicians performing on the following instruments:-
  • Chinese Dulcimer (Yang Qin)
  • Chinese Violin (Er hu)
  • Chinese Flute (Dizi)
  • Chinese Lute (Pipa)
  • Chinese Percussion
  • Cello
This performance was recorded during Hing Yiap Group annual dinner on the 22nd of January 2011.

Chinese Orchestra PerformanceChinese Orchestra at a different angle

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If this is not the music entertainment you are seeking, then head on over to Jason Geh’s Live Band website to examine and consider other forms of music band performance.

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Jan 23, 2011

Mariachi Band | Latin Band LIVE in KL Malaysia

This video below features a Malaysian style Mariachi / Latin Band performing LIVE at an annual dinner event in KL Malaysia on the 22nd of January 2011. There are 5 performers / musicians in the band:-
  • Singer / Guitarist
  • Violin player
  • Saxophonist
  • Double bassist
  • Percussionist

This versatile Malaysian based Mariachi Band has a wide selection of repertoire. Songs from the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s 70’s and 80’s were performed in musical styles that include Latin rhythms like bossanova, rumba, cha cha, samba, meringue.

They performed other genres as well i.e ballade, foxtrot, rock & roll, twist and country music.

At the top of the Hing Yiap building where the annual dinner was heldOpening address by the MC

Dinner beginsMariachi / Latin Band start their performance

Watch this video if you wish to engage a Mariachi / Latin Band that is unique for your event in Malaysia. The video contain excerpts of songs that they perform during this fun annual dinner event.

For further information on Mariachi Band / Latin Band, do contact Jason Geh at 016 2800216. Make certain to visit Jason’s Live Band website for photo & video profiles and also references to other kinds of music bands in KL Malaysia.

Some of the employees who are vying for the best dress award12 piece Chinese Orchestra performing

A fun photo of the Hing Yiap GroupProfile photo of the Mariachi / Latin Band

Click here to view performance by Jason’s Mariachi / Latin Band at a previous event in KL

Click here to view the Chinese Orchestra Performance at this annual dinner

Jan 11, 2011

Wedding Jazz Band & Singer @ Manfred’s Wedding

Are you looking for a wedding Jazz band and Singer for your wedding reception in KL Malaysia? If you are, watch this video below.

The wedding Jazz band lead by award winning keyboardist Jason Geh performed at the wedding dinner of Manfred and Lynn Lee at Westin Kuala Lumpur on the 9th of January 2011.

The wedding Jazz band performed 3 short sessions during the event; the 1st featuring the saxophonist, the 2nd featuring the Er hu player, and the final set featuring the female and male singer.

The singer and instrumentalist were accompanied by the keyboardist and guitarist / singer.

Thus, their overall performance was very colorful as it features two instrumentalist (the saxophone being a modern solo instrument and the Er hu being a traditional solo instrument) and two singers (female and a male)

They are very popular at wedding and corporate events due to their eclectic approach and musical diversity. Their repertoire includes Jazz, evergreens, love ballades, funk and latin.

Besides the typical western music, what makes them unique is their ability to perform malay and chinese songs which are very well received by the general Malaysian listeners.

the champagne pouring ceremonythe toasting ceremony

Manfred and Lynn Lee booked the wedding Jazz band and singer 8 months ago to ensure their availability on their wedding date. As the bridal couple are based in Australia, Manfred and Jason communicated through email till they finally met up face to face upon his arrival in KL a week before the wedding.

Click here to view Manfred and Lynn Lee’s garden wedding ceremony earlier in the morning.

For more information on wedding Jazz band and Singer in KL Malaysia, click here. Jason Geh can be contact at 016 2800216

Jan 10, 2011

String Quartet @ Manfred’s Wedding KL, Malaysia

This video montage below features Jason Geh’s String Quartet performance at the garden wedding ceremony of Manfred and Lynn Lee held at the club saujana.

This music group is made up of four string musicians:-
  • 1st violin
  • 2nd violin
  • Viola
  • Cello
Their repertoire ranges from classical to baroque, broadway to love ballades, country to jazz and others.

A view of the club at saujanaString quartet performing live at the wedding ceremony

back view of the string quartet during their performanceThe bridal couple, Manfred and Lynn Lee

During this wedding, they perform two sessions, the first before the ceremony and the second after. They also provided music for the walk-in of the bride and her father; and the walk-out music for the newlyweds.

Manfred booked the string quartet 8 months ago to ensure performers availability on their wedding date.

the wedding ceremonygroom to place ring on his bride

the signing ceremonyThe newlyweds!

If you are interested in hiring a String Quartet to perform for your wedding ceremony in KL Malaysia, do watch this video; as it aptly summarizes and depicts the String Quartet’s role during the wedding ceremony.

This garden wedding was held on the morning of 9th January 2011, Sunday.

Wedding couple with their parentsBridal couple with the bride's maid

Newlyweds with the groom's friendsWedding couple with their family and friends

To booked the String Quartet, contact Jason Geh at 016 2800216. Go to Jason’s music website for latest updates on their performances.