Oct 2, 2010

Singer & Jazz Band Entertainment @ HSBC Palm Oil Nite

Here is a report on the live entertainment provided by JGE’s Singer and Jazz Band for HSBC’s Palm Oil Nite at KLGCC (Kuala Lumpur golf and country club) held on the 1st of October 2010

This versatile four piece Jazz Band lead by IEF(International Electone Festival) grand prix winner, Jason Geh includes a female singer, an electric guitarist with an awesome voice, an alto saxophone player and Jason himself on keyboard. Thus, there are in fact two singers, a female and a male taking turns to sing on today’s event.

a view of klgccProfile image of Singer and Jazz Band Entertainment from Jason Geh

a view of the golf course from the balconyguest taking their seats when the event is about to start

For further enhancement, other instrumentalist can be layered to the existing four performers which will as a result increase the size, colour and sound of the band. Not necessary but nevertheless a creative possibility depending on budget and the type of occasion. Of late, the typical demand is generally for a jazz ensemble that is three to five performers in size.

one of the speeches during the eventEntertainment provided by Singer and Jazz Band from Jason Geh

Jason’s jazz band has numerous variables and is catered to suit the event. It could be instrumental jazz music for a more classy ambient or with a female vocalist for those events that requires more crowd participation and interaction.

Visit Jason Geh’s website / blog for more information on Singer and Jazz Band Entertainment in Malaysia or contact him directly at 016 2800216

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