Nov 7, 2010

Live Band Malaysia | Singer | Musicians

Are you searching on google or youtube for a quality live band that is experienced and reliable to hire for your event in Malaysia?

This music group of three performers (trio) features a professional female singer and er hu player (chinese violin) with band manager Jason Geh providing musical support on the keyboard.

Jason offers a variety of live bands to accommodate the client’s predilection. He defines music in two ways:-
  • Music for the people
  • Music as a catharsis
At his own time, he will explore his own musical interest but if it is for the purpose of events, he will select and perform what the market wants. Quite often, his affinity is similar to of the populace which makes performing and researching songs for events enjoyable and satisfying for him.

Portraits of Porsche cars at the foyerJason Geh live band featuring singer and musicians

Two luscious models at the foyerCrowd entering the ballroom after their cocktails

The organizers of this event wanted a three piece jazz band to provide live entertainment during dinner with specification of a female singer that sings both english and chinese songs.

Since the theme was shanghai nite, the er hu player was ideal to be paired up with the singer making the sound very unique and intriguing.

The er hu player rendered mellifluous chinese oldies with the female singer covering the western songs in the form of popular jazz, ballades, latin, music from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

They are extremely versatile and perform songs that catered to a wide listening audience.

Other types of instruments i.e the saxophone, guitar, percussion, drum or violin is encouraged to be integrated to this music ensemble to further enhance the sound considering the budget that is available.

The main individuals of Porsche club giving out a momentoLive band with singer and musicians performing at the event

The lucky draw being conductedOne of the many lucky winners receiving his award

A good band requires efficient sound amplification for the musicians to perform their best and ensuring quality sound for the listeners during the event. Jason Geh offers live band, jazz band, sound system and other services like lighting system, backdrop, screen / projectors etc

Jason and his team are experienced, competent, responsible and reliable. You can “sleep well” under their care as they are diligent and are conscientious during the event thus facilitating efficient work flow.

Just google Jason Geh or go to his music blog to view events he has been involve in through the years. If this is the first time you have come across the name Jason Geh, his website will definitely be a great place to start doing your reseach as it contains smorgasbords of testimonies and references.

The website has hundreds of articles and videos of past events, and other related links that will provide the information you need, thus assisting your search for an ideal entertainment provider.

Lovely models displaying the jewelleryThe dancers performing

Three piece live band from Jason Geh EntertainmentCute MC, Jason Geh and the event managers

The video above is a montage of Porsche’s Annual Dinner held in Equatorial Bangi Hotel on 06.11.10

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Give Jason Geh a call at 016 2800216 to find out more about live bands, singers and musicians for your events in Malaysia .

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