Oct 26, 2010

Live Band KL @ Corporate Event | Fusion Band

This article features a KL based Live Band performing at a corporate event on 25.10.10. This fusion band is very “Malaysian” for two reasons. The members of the band consist of chinese, malay and Indian race. And their repertoire diverse, having a mix of instrumental and vocal selections, rendering chinese, malay and western songs.

Saxophone playerEr hu playerThe female singer sings western songs (Jazz, oldies, contemporary), malay songs and chinese songs (both modern and traditional). She is multi lingual thus being able to converse with her audience in both english and chinese.

It is called “fusion band” because the band “fuses”(integrates) both modern and traditional instruments i.e saxophone, keyboard and double bass being modern instruments with the er hu being the latter.

Their performance features the female and male singer, as well as the er hu and saxophone. Note that the male singer also plays the double bass... he is Indian but sings chinese and western oldies extremely well. This is due to the long stint he had in Taiwan during his early years as a musician.

Jason Geh Live Band performing at the eventRegistration counter

Raymond Goh, the master of ceremony

This live band concept was exactly what the organizers wanted for this event. It is the signing ceremony between Perwaja and Sinosteel held in the KL Hilton. The event began about 5:00pm at the partitioned grand ballroom with speeches by Ybhg Tan Sri Abu Sahid and special guest Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

They had the signing ceremony after that, followed by the press conference. They then moved on to the other side of the ballroom for their dinner. This is when the Live Band lead by Jason Geh, started their performance with music that was light and easy.

It was an extremely diverse listening crowd with more affinity towards malay songs from Perwaja and a fondness for chinese songs from Sinosteel’s side. Thus, Jason Geh’s Fusion Band was totally ideal and appropriate to provide live dinner music as entertainment for this special event.

There were three songs specially requested by the client for the band to perform:-
  • Xing Qing 星晴 - Jay Chou
  • Ting Hai 聽海 - Amei
  • Dan Yuan Ren Chang Jiu 但願人長久 - Teresa Teng
YB Tan Sri Abu Sahid and Tun Dr Mahathir MohamadAn image of the grand piano outside the main ballroom

YB Tan Sri Abu Sahid presenting a momento to Tun Dr.Mahathir MohamadFusion Band LIVE at the event

They played one set, took a break and came back on again with their second and final set. The event ended at 9:00pm.

This comment made by the organizer to Jason Geh aptly summarized the band’s performance, “Client was very happy with your band. They liked your selections of songs especially the malay ones”

To find out more about Live Band / Fusion Band for corporate events in KL, Malaysia, go to Jason Geh’s music website / blog. Or just give him a call at 016 2800216.

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