Dec 22, 2013

Jazz Band | Jeff & Elaine’s Wedding | Sheraton KL

Jason Geh Jazz Band performed at the wedding of Jeffrey and Elaine at Sheraton Imperial Hotel KL on the 21st of December 2013

This is Jason’s standard group consisting of a singer, saxophonist and keyboardist.

The band performed repertoires catering to the preference of the wedding couple and the crowd in general.

The groom likes Jazz standards (swing numbers) but there were a number of elderly people at the wedding too. Thus Jason included some oldies and Chinese songs into their renditions.

Attendees were of about 100 pax comprising of basically family members and close friends, some flown in from Singapore (Elaine’s side)

Jason Geh Jazz Trio Wedding of Jeff and Elaine at Sheraton Imperial KL

Dec 18, 2013

Jazz Quartet | Awards Ceremony | KL Malaysia

Jazz Quartet from Jason Geh performed at an Awards Ceremony on the 16th of December 2013 at Sime Darby Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur.

The host chose about 10 songs from Jason’s song list as their performance repertoire. It was a good mix consisting of Malay and English songs of varied tempo and styles.

The band sounded more “live” with the inclusion of a drummer. Jason’s typical jazz trio of singer, sax and keyboard, uses a drum machine to simulate the absence of drums.

Well the pseudo drummer takes a break for this event as we have a drummer in the house!

Jason Geh and friends at MSWG’s event Jason Geh Jazz Quartet performing at MSWG dinner

Message from Jason Geh

Thanks to all the individuals that have allowed me and my team to perform at your events.

It is always a great privilege and I am truly grateful to have you guys contacting me and engaging my team of musicians.

You are the reason this website exist.

Know that you are charitable, generous and kind.

With your continuous trust and support, I will continue to perform and arrange music groups thus creating a little footprint of your event with our performances on the world wide web.

I am personally involved in all my jobs and give my heart and soul once agreed.

Those that have work with me before might realize this. Or they might not but that’s where I’m coming from.

Hence, in order to prolong being in this line through my lifetime, I am rather selective of the gigs that I partake.

Do contact me if you are the event owner as I’d prefer to deal directly with you.

Thank you very much!

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Dec 9, 2013

String Quartet | Nissan Teana Roadshow | KL Malaysia

String Quartet from performed at Nissan Teana’s Roadshow in One Utama Shopping Complex, Petaling Jaya on the 7th and 8th of December 2013 (between 1 - 5pm)

The sound system was not available on Day 1 and the quartet was totally inaudible.

Thus the only microphone which was available on site was place near the first violinist and Lo and behold, the quartet could be heard again.

Though it was on the soft side but not bad for a contingency plan!

On Day 2, Nissan decided to bring a basic sound system to amplify the performers. Each instrument was mic-up and the sound was clear and full during the 1st set performance.

However, the sound quality could not be reproduce later for some technical reason. There wasn’t a fix space allocated for the band to performed so the sound equipment and chairs had to be assembled and disassembled after each performance set which I suspect was the cause of the audio irregularities.

The musicians were a bit fazed by the circumstance but continued performing their best.

They included some Christmas songs onto their selections as after all, it is that time of the year!

String Quartet from Jason Geh posting for the camera  String Quartet from Jason Geh performing at Nissan Teana’s Roadshow at One Utama Shopping Complex on the 7th and 8th of December 2013

The take away for today is the importance of sound amplification from a professional sound vendor. The value of a good sound system is often overlooked when we attend an event and the sound is pleasant.

It is a worthy investment to hire one in order to avoid any potential grievances and to ensure the success of the event.

Dec 3, 2013

Jazz Band | Aquaint Dinner | Armada PJ

For the event today, the client choose the Jazz Trio as their dinner entertainment
  1. Singer 
  2. Saxophonist 
  3. Keyboardist

This dinner held on the 2nd of December 2013 was organized by Aquaint Property (formerly Azea) for their shareholders (about 200 pax) at Armada Hotel, Petaling Jaya

It was kind of a last minute event for Jason Geh as Aquaint contacted him only a week before the event date

This is not an issue and in some cases is actually preferred by Jason. He will be able to arrange as long as both parties can come to an agreement on the terms and conditions : )

Jason Geh with his band members at Aquaint Shareholders Dinner Jason Geh Jazz Trio performing live at a dinner event organize by Aquaint Property

Nov 4, 2013

Mariachi Band | KL Malaysia | Birthday Party

Jason Geh’s Mariachi Band performed at a Birthday Party held in Cantaloupe Restaurant, The Troika, KL on the 3rd of November 2013

The band consists of:-
  1. Guitarist / Singer 
  2. Trumpeter 
  3. Double Bassist

They entertained the guests with a mix of repertoires ranging from latin, swing to country and some modern numbers

The modern songs include:-
  • Just The Way You Are (Bruno Mars) 
  • Marry You (Bruno Mars) 
  • I’m Yours (Jason Mraz)

For this event, Jason provided 3 musicians and they performed without any sound amplification.

For those interested to have them perform at future events, the inclusion of a percussionist will be recommended to make the band sound more complete (if budget permits)

And the sound system is advice for the band to be effective if capacity crowd of more than 20 pax

Unplugged performances are only viable at small enclose dinning venues

The setting at Cantaloupe was spread out with high ceilings and there were about 40 guests

Note that the musicians are base in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but are available for outstation performances too

Oct 11, 2013

Jazz Trio @ IGEM 2013 | KLCC

Jason Geh Jazz Trio performed at a function organize by IGEM (International Greentech and Eco Products Exhibition and Conference Malaysia)

This cocktail networking event was held at KL Convention Centre (KLCC) on October the 10th 2013 from 5 – 7pm

The Jazz Band consisted of a saxophonist, keyboardist and bassist.

They performed a few songs in the beginning as a warm up to the event but mostly during cocktail time (which was after the speech and awards presentation)

Guests were standing around networking while helping themselves on finger food and drinks with light instrumental music performed live by the Jazz Trio

Jason Geh Jazz Trio at IGEM 2013 Award presentation during IGEM 2013, Networking Cocktail

There was a special request for the band to accompany a minister to sing at the end which got massive applause

This event was grace by the minister of energy, green technology and water Y.B Datuk Seri Panglima Dr Maximus Johnity Ongkili

Here’s the link to view Jason Geh's Jazz Trio (with singer) at IGEM’s Soft Launch 2010

Oct 2, 2013

Mariachi Band | KL Malaysia | Birthday Party

This video feature the Mariachi Band from performing during a Birthday Party at Mines Resort on October the 1st, 2013

This occasion was held on a boat that cruise the lake of Mines Resort from 8:00pm till 12:00am

The Mariachi group consists of 3 musicians:-
  1. Guitarist / Vocalist 
  2. Trumpeter 
  3. Bassist 
The event started off with dinner followed by the cutting of the birthday cake.

Thereafter the fireworks display and finally the performance by the Mariachi Band. They performed 1 set in total.

The band will sound more complete with a percussion player but that depends on the preference of the organizer.

The inclusion of violinist and keyboardist will be possible too (if budget permits)

There was a speed boat that took the musicians to the cruise boat just before they perform as this entertainment item was intended to be a surprise performance.

The birthday celebrant is the director of the company called Aura Roboclean

Mariachi Band from Birthday Part Mexican Style at Mines Cuise KL Malaysia

Note that the performers in the video are not Mexicans but are Malaysian musicians based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

For more information on Mariachi Band or other live band acts for your events in KL Malaysia, contact Jason Geh

Sep 30, 2013

String Quartet | Kuantan | Malay Wedding

String Quartet from Jason Geh performed at a Malay Wedding in Zenith Hotel Kuantan on the 28th of September 2013

As the musicians are base in Kuala Lumpur, they had to make adjustments on their regular weekend schedule in KL to perform for this event

Below are videos of the string quartet’s involvement during the wedding of Mokhzani and Aliaa Sharif

Akad Nikah (Solemnization) Ceremony

The musicians performed for the entrance of the bride and groom at 11am and later during lunch

String Quartet from Wedding of Aliaa and Mokhzani Akad Nikah Ceremony Wedding of Aliaa and Mokhzani String Quartet from

Wedding Dinner Performance

The quartet played during cocktail and concluded with the bridal entrance music. The bride choose Pachelbel’s Canon in D for this.

Further information on String Quartet for your events in Malaysia can be access through Jason Geh

Sep 19, 2013

Electric Violinist | Malay Wedding | KL Malaysia

This is Part 3 of the wedding of Nafiq and Jeffina at the Grand Hyatt Hotel Kuala Lumpur featuring the Electric Violin Trio

The Electric Violinist provided instrumental music in the ballroom as a special featured performance during the wedding event

This event held on the 14th of September 2013 also feature harp and jazz band performances from

Here’s the link to view the solo performance by the Harpist

Click here to access the Jazz Band performance

Sep 18, 2013

Jazz Quintet | Malay Wedding | KL Malaysia

This is Part 2 of the wedding of Nafiq and Jeffina at the Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur featuring Jason Geh’s Jazz Quintet
  1. Singer 
  2. Saxophonist 
  3. Keyboardist 
  4. Bassist 
  5. Drummer

The Jazz Band provided live vocal music in the ballroom as dinner entertainment during the wedding event

This wedding held on the 14th of September 2013 also feature harp and electric violin performances from

Here’s the link to watch the performance by the solo Harpist

Click here to view the Electric Violin Group

Sep 17, 2013

Harpist | Malay Wedding | KL Malaysia

The video below features a solo Harpist performing at a Malay wedding in Grand Hyatt Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Harpist rendered harp music at the foyer area outside the ballroom as pre-dinner entertainment to add a touch of elegance for the wedding of Nafiq and Jeffina

This event held on the 14th of September 2013 also feature jazz band and electric violin performances from

Here is the link to watch the 5 Piece Jazz Band

Click here to access the Electric Violin Performance

Sep 9, 2013

String Orchestra | Malay Wedding | Johor Bahru

String Orchestra from performed at a Malay Wedding in Johor Bahru, Malaysia on the 7th of September 2013

The ensemble consists of 8 string musicians. They perform musical pieces specially chosen by the wedding couple Sheikh Nafiq and Jeffina

The groom wanted to keep the theme of his wedding traditional thus he selected all malay tunes for the orchestra to perform

This wedding was held at Glulam Gallery, JB

The MC for the night was none other than Adibah Noor

Jason will be performing with his jazz band and providing other live entertainment among which a solo harpist and the all girl electric violin group for Nafiq’s wedding reception in KL next week.

… do return for those updates : )

String Orchestra in Malaysia from Jason Geh and Adibah Noor

Aug 30, 2013

Stroller Jazz Band | Yokogawa Dinner | KL

Stroller Jazz Band from Jason Geh performed at Yokogawa’s Gala Dinner on the 28th of September 2013

This trio consists of a saxophonist, guitarist and double bassist.

They are able to perform with vocal or without (i.e. instrumental)

For this occasion, the band only rendered instrumentals as requested by the host

There were other acts during the event, among which vocal performance by Shafinaz, cultural dancers and magic show

There was a segment that required light instrumental music as fillers, and that was where the band played their role for the night with renditions of jazz numbers and oldies performed mainly in bossanova and swing rhythm

They did not stroll around as the host wanted the musicians to be amplified and stationary on stage

The gala dinner was held at KL Convention Centre (KLCC)

Stroller Jazz Band from Shafinaz and Jason Geh

Aug 18, 2013

Jazz Band at MMA Dinner, KL

Malaysia’s premier Jazz Band Jason Geh and friends performed at the MMA (Malaysian Medical Association) Dinner held on the 17th of August 2013 at Hilton Hotel KL Central

The music group consists of a female vocalist, saxophonist, drummer and Jason on keyboard. They provided soothing live music entertainment during dinner.

The audiences that attended the dinner were between ages of 35 – 70 years thus the host requested the band to perform more oldies, Malay and even Indian songs (2 of the Hindi songs are featured on this video)

Malaysia’s minister of health YB Datuk Seri Dr Subramaniam was the guest of honour

Jazz Band performance by Jason Geh at MMA Dinner KL Guest of Honour YB Datuk Seri Dr Subramaniam

Jul 2, 2013

Jazz Duo KL | Roche Dinner

Jason Geh Jazz Duo performed during Roche’s Dinner at The Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur on the 1st of July 2013

The duo consists of a keyboardist and a guitarist

The host preferred the live music performance to be at a low volume so that the guests could interact conformably.

Thus the keyboardist and guitarist combination performing jazz instrumentals is suited for this occasion

The sound of the keyboard was generated through both the keyboard amplifier and the ceiling speakers, while the guitar was only from the amp

Music featured on this video:-
  • Autumn leaves (Instrumental) 
  • We are the World (Vocal - special request)

Jun 8, 2013

String Quartet | BCI Asia Awards 2013

String Quartet from performed at the BCI Asia Awards on the 7th of June 2013 at One World Hotel, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

This video feature the 1st session of the String Quartet performance at the Topaz Ballroom. The group played baroque and classical music during this set.

Their 2nd set includes rag times, oldies, movie sound tracks and broadway musicals. The quartet performed very well and had a lot fun in the process thus highly advised not to miss.

You can view that at the end of this video or just click on the link below and watch it on Youtube

String Quartet | BCI Asia Awards 2013 – Part 2

All the musicians are highly experienced and accomplished but to me the cellist stands out. Notice his influence on the other string players?

I felt very inspired and emotional when I watch it.

Let me know how you feel in the comments below? Thank you

String Quartet from BCI Asia Award 2013

Jun 6, 2013

Mariachi Band in KL | Farewell Dinner

Mariachi Band from Jason Geh performed at a farewell dinner at Bankers Club KL Malaysia on the 4th of June 2013

The band line-up for this event was a trio.
  • Guitarist / Vocalist 
  • Double Bassist 
  • Saxophonist
The saxophonist was included instead of a trumpeter due to the loudness of the instrument; taking into account the capacity crowd of only about 50

The saxophone will be gentler to the ears (so to speak)

This intimate dinner pays tribute to Mr Masanobu Tsunoda of Nikon Malaysia who will be returning to Japan soon.

The lighting was set rather dim, hope you're able to see..

Bankers Club is located on the 22nd floor of Amoda Building Kuala Lumpur (opposite Berjaya Time Square)

For more information on Mariachi Band in Malaysia, contact Jason Geh

Jun 3, 2013

Jason Geh Jazz Trio | Wedding of Steven & Belle

Jason Geh Jazz Trio is base in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia.

They performed at the wedding of Steven and Belle held at The Royale Bintang Damansara Hotel (next to the Curve) on the 1st of June 2013

The music group consists of a versatile female vocalist, saxophonist and Jason Geh on keyboard.

Prior to the event, Steven (the groom) selected songs from the band’s repertoire list for them to perform during the wedding dinner.

Steven made a request for the band to play a few newer songs that he liked which the band fulfilled.

He also requested for the band to accompany him as he sang a special song for his new bride as a surprise dedication. The song that he had chosen to sing was very meaningful to the occasion (“The Rest of My Life” - Bruno Mars)

For the bridal couple’s first dance, the band performed Christina Perry’s “A Thousand Years”

All music on this video is recorded live during the wedding dinner.

Jason Geh Jazz Trio Belle, Steven and Jason Geh Wedding of Steven and Belle Toasting Ceremony Jason Geh Jazz Band performing during the wedding

For more information on Jazz Trio, Jazz Quartet or other Jazz Ensembles for events in KL Malaysia, contact Jason Geh

May 28, 2013

Mariachi Band KL | Wedding of Edmund & Rachel | Part 2

Mariachi Band from performed during the Wedding of Edmund and Rachel at Istana Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 25th of May 2013

The group consists of 6 musicians:-
  • Guitarist / Vocalist 
  • Trumpeter / Back up Vocalist 
  • Violinist 
  • Double Bassist 
  • Percussionist (Conga player) 
  • Keyboardist 

They performed some latin songs and oldies with a mix of other genres towards the end.

In addition to the Mariachi Band, the groom engaged a String Quartet to perform as well.

If you miss Part 1, here is the link:-

String Quartet - Wedding of Edmund & Rachel - Part 1

Mariachi Band from Wedding of Edmund and Rachel - Edmund's Speech

For more information on Mariachi Band in KL Malaysia, contact Jason Geh

May 27, 2013

String Quartet KL | Wedding of Edmund & Rachel | Part 1

String Quartet from performed at the Wedding of Edmund and Rachel at Istana Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 25th of May 2013

The wedding couple engaged the String Quartet to entertain their guests with instrumental pieces from varied musical genres ranging from baroque to classical, rag time to jazz, broadway to waltzes and many more.

All music on this video was performed by the String Quartet and recorded live at the wedding event (with the exception of the opening music)

In addition to the String Quartet entertainment, Edmund (the groom/host) hired a Mariachi Band for vocal music.

With both ensembles taking turns to perform, there was diversity in music throughout the wedding event; with the String Quartet rendering the formal music and the Mariachi Band providing the songs.

String Quartet from Wedding of Edmund and Rachel

The Mariachi group will be featured on the next blog post. So be sure to check out Wedding of Edmund and Rachel - Part 2

For more information on String Quartet in KL Malaysia, contact Jason Geh

May 19, 2013

Jazz Band | KL | Birthday Party

The video below feature Jason Geh Jazz Band performing at a Birthday Party in Le Meridien Hotel KL Central.

The Jazz Trio consists of a female singer, saxophonist and Jason Geh (keyboardist / band manager)

They performed 2 sets in total, the first session during dinner with light jazz numbers and later another session with livelier repertoires.

There were a few talented singers among the guest of 20 pax who step up on stage to show their vocal abilities.

The musicians accompanied them with music and the singer of the band assisted in sourcing and prompting them with lyrics.

After the cutting of the cake and birthday song, the event proceeded with a bit more karaoke and dancing.

Jason Geh Jazz Band Profile Photo Birthday Party of Datin Nadia at Le Meridien Hotel KL

For more information on Jazz Band in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, contact Jason Geh

Apr 28, 2013

Jazz Band | ParGolf Awards 2012 | KL Malaysia

Jason Geh Jazz Band performed at ParGolf Awards 2012 at Sime Darby Convention Centre, KL on the 26th of April 2013

The 4 piece ensemble consisting of a female singer, electric guitarist / singer, saxophonist and keyboardist entertained the guests of about 200 pax during dinner with renditions of jazz standards, oldies and basically light dinner music

The Jazz Quartet is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They performed for corporate events, appreciation nights, anniversaries, product launches, annual dinners, weddings, birthdays, private parties and other occasions

Watch this video to have an idea of how the band will look and sound; and what their repertoire will be like. Most of the clips feature the petite yet charismatic female singer.

There is a bonus track at the end of the video featuring the saxophonist and guitarist / male vocalist.

Jason Geh Jazz Band at ParGolf Awards 2012 Jason Geh and Lisa Wong

The opening gambit for ParGolf Awards 2012 ParGolf Awards 2012

Apr 25, 2013

Jazz Duo | Birthday Party | Kuantan

Jazz Duo from Kuala Lumpur traveled to Kuantan on the 23rd of April 2013 for a Birthday Party performance.

The 2 piece group consisting of a guitarist and keyboardist performed instrumentals during dinner and included some vocal repertoires in the mix later.

They also accompanied a few special guest singers as dedication to the birthday celebrant.

Everyone had a good time!

The host invited about 40 guests to this occasion and picked Vistana Hotel Kuantan as the venue.

The musicians stayed over a night and return to KL the next day

2 Piece Group performing at the birthday party Dr Chan’s Birthday Party in Kuantan

Apr 18, 2013

Mariachi Band | Bank Event | KL Malaysia

Mariachi Band from Jason Geh performed at a bank event on the 17th of April 2013. This 4 piece music group consists of:-
  • Guitarist / Singer 
  • Trumpeter 
  • Double bassist 
  • Percussionist

The musicians are Malaysians and are based in Kuala Lumpur. They performed for events in KL and do travel outstation for special performances.

For this event, which is the Personalized Banking Cocktail Reception "An Evening Of The Elites", the Mariachi Band performed at the foyer area of the grand ballroom of The Royale Chulan Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Apr 13, 2013

String Quartet | Toray 40th Anniversary | Penang Malaysia

The String Quartet featured on the video below is base in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. They have been specially invited to Penang to perform for the 40th Anniversary of Toray Group Malaysia.

The musicians drove up north to Penang Island in the morning of 10th April 2013. The event was held on the same day at the ballroom of Equatorial Hotel from 6 - 9pm.

The string quartet provided light entertainment for the guest of about 400 pax during the VIP tour and dinner. This function was grace by the presence of Penang's current chief minister Datuk Lim Guan Eng.

MC for the night was the lovely Stephanie Chai

Profile photo of the String Quartet by Jason Geh Jason Geh and Stephanie Chai The toast during Toray Group Malaysia 40th Anniversary Dinner The String Quartet performing during Toray’s event

I’ve provided the link below for further references on the String Quartet

String Quartet

Once you’re there, scroll down to Quartet, then further down below, there will be many links to past String Quartet performances at events in Malaysia

.. or you can always call me : )