Emcee, Singer, Jazz Band @ Wedding, Malaysia | Wedding of Kevin & Suzanne

Jason Geh's team from the saxophonist, singer, keyboardist to the emcee an image of cyberview lodge's swimming pool

Today’s post features a lady Emcee, Singer and Jazz Band at the wedding dinner of Kevin and Suzanne at cyberview lodge, cyberjaya on the 25th September 2010. 

This date is indeed auspicious as Jason Geh from Jason Geh Entertainment received many inquiries for his jazz band to perform for other occasions after being booked by the bride-groom Kevin 5 months prior to the event.


This video is about 8 minutes in length but will be worth watching for wedding couples who are in search for an Emcee or master of ceremony (MC) to host their coming wedding reception in KL as well as other states in Malaysia, packaged with singer, jazz band and sound system at a feasible price. 

But feasible is rather ambiguous right? It can be inexpensive for some, appropriate for others but extravagant to some others. To speak to Jason personally, call 016 2800216 for clarification.

Kevin and Suzanne did not manage to hire a wedding planner to coordinate and plan his wedding itinerary thus Gina, the emcee was kind enough to assist on this area. 

 A certified financial planner by profession, she only does emcee work sparingly and on special requests by Jason. Hence for this wedding occasion, she was diligent and able to focus on her task with utmost awareness and joy. 

The emcee or MC (Master of ceremony) Ginachampagne pouring by the bridal couple

Jason Geh, the music director performs, manage the singer, jazz band and sound crew. During the event, he facilitates and ensures fluidity. Jason is rather selective on the jobs that he undertakes and tries to limit to ideally one event per-week. 

This is important in order to fulfill his responsibilities with freshness, maintaining dignity and operates at a higher level with a sense of novelty during an event that he is involved in. This will also circumvent fatigue thus prolonging a life time of good service to his clients.
one of the many light moments during the toastingspeech by the best man

It is by no means a trivial task as fairly large amount of work and time will have to be put in from inception to conclusion. When a job is accepted, the process encompasses inquiry, confirmation, meetings, communication, planning and adjustments to performance, collecting, editing, copy writing, producing and publishing content.

  the guests dancing to the beat of the live bandJason Geh with newly weds Suzanne and Kevin

For more information on Emcee, Singer, Jazz band and Sound System, do visit Jason Geh’s music website

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  1. Kevin and Suzanne11:31 PM

    Hi Jason and Gina,

    Would like to thank the both of you and the band for making our wedding ceremony a memorable one. It would not have been how it was without you guys. Thanks a lot.

    Best Regards

    Kev and Sue

  2. Suzanne2:31 AM

    Oh gosh!!! Jasooooonnnnn....

    I just saw it on youtube!!! The video clip was really good. You captured the essence of the whole
    evening. Got introduction summore.

    And there's Gina's speech and Kevin's speech and the toast and also my cousin's very expressive dance move and you also gave an overview of the surrounding during cocktail (I wasn't there....still doing make up that time). And also a little bit of your band playing. It was cool!

    Honestly i don't post anything online not even my pics on Facebook. So to see our wedding clips up there in youtube was very surprising and embarassing at the same time.

    But it's all good and i'm so happy that u did that coz we didn't have a videoman. And now i've something to reminisce about our wedding. It all seems like a dream now. So surreal, like it never happened!

    Gina.... u were awesome! All of u are! Thank u for doing all the coordination for us. It was really great! My guests totally enjoyed the dinner. The flow was smooth, very relaxing and soothing...

    Lots of love, hugs & kisses!