Feb 3, 2012

Traditional Chinese Band KL | Nikon Dinner - Part 2

This video features a Malaysian based 3 piece Traditional Chinese Band performing at a dinner function at Sunway Resort Hotel Petaling Jaya on February the 2nd, 2012.

The music group consists of the following musicians:-
  • Erhu player (Chinese violin)
  • Dizi player (Chinese bamboo flute)
  • Gu Zheng player (Chinese harp)
The performers reside in Kuala Lumpur and perform exclusively for corporate events, product launches, annual dinners, wedding dinners and other one-off occasions.

This kind of ensemble has sometimes been loosely referred to as Chinese Orchestra, a mere generalization. However, it is too small a group to be considered an orchestra but rather a trio band performing Chinese classics on traditional Chinese instruments.

The 3 piece Traditional Chinese Band performing live at Nikon's appreciation and CNY dinner eventA profile photo of the CNY Band

The MCs at the eventThe attractive models lining up during the lucky draw

This event was organized by Nikon Malaysia as an appreciation night and Chinese New Year(CNY) dinner for their dealers.

Besides this Chinese group, the other live band entertainments for the evening include a 3 piece Stroller Band and a 5 piece Jazz Band, both groups featuring singers (male and female)

If you miss Part 1, here is the link to watch the Stroller and Jazz Band at Nikon’s CNY dinner event.

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