Feb 5, 2012

Live Band | Malaysian Singer | Munchy Dinner – Part 1

The Live Band for tonight’s event consists of a full band backing a Malaysian event singer. The phrase “full band” or core band can be use when the group comprise of at least 5 musicians:-
  • Saxophonist
  • Guitarist
  • Keyboardist
  • Bassists
  • Drummer

This is Munchy’s Annual Dinner 2012 held at Sunway Resort Hotel Petaling Jaya on February the 4th. The theme for the night is Retro Boogie thus the band included some funky retro songs into their repertoire during their dinner performance.

The Live Band (led by Jason Geh) performed a total of 2 sets, the 1st session (depicted on this video) backing a lovely and vibrant event singer (watch her move! ..i’m serious) and during the 2nd set, the band accompanied 3 Malaysian artistes serving as the event’s showtime performance.

Jason Geh Live Band with an event singerLive Band and singer performing at Munchy's Annual Dinner 2012

Dancers are among the many performances during the eventMunchy's Got Talent!

So be sure to check out the 2nd part of Munchy’s Annual Dinner to watch the video clip of the Live Band with the Malaysian artistes.

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