Feb 19, 2012

LIVE BAND in KL | Beach Band @ Nikon Event

This video features a Live Band from KL performing by the beach of the Golden Palm Tree Resort during Nikon’s annual dinner event.

The event held on February the 18th 2012 features 4 musicians performing a collection of vocal music that suits a corporate dinner. From moderate rumba selections during dinner to lively genres along the lines of cha cha, rock & roll, twist and samba after dinner when the guests’ are drinking and ready to party.

This beach band can performed unplugged or with amplification. For this event, they were to perform unplugged and stroll around tables. As it’s an open air performance, the sound produce weren’t contained and the band required amplification for the singers to be heard

Profile photo of the beach band / stroller / Hawaiian bandGroup photo during Nikon's Appreciation Dinner Event

Hawaiian dancers having fun with the guestsThe beach band performing before sun set

There were two microphones available from the sound supplier thus one was set-up on the fly for the 2 singers to share and the other for the double bass. The guitarist could be heard due to his guitar amplifier. The saxophonist and percussionist perform unplugged as those are fairly "loud" instruments.

The musicians were attired in colorful floral Hawaiian shirts pertaining to the theme of the night which was Hawaiian.

If you are planning an event by the sea side and need a beach band, do watch this video produced by Jason Geh Entertainment. The band is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but do travel outstation to perform upon request.

The beach band performingFire eaters

Do visit Jason Geh’s website for a much detailed reference on Live Bands in KL.

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