Oct 6, 2011

Jazz Singer, Keyboardist | 2 Piece Jazz Band | CIO Summit

The organizers of the CIO Summit hired Jason Geh’s 2 piece Jazz Band to perform for their event on the 5th of October 2011. The 2 piece group featured a Jazz Singer accompanied by Jason on the keyboard.

They perform a total of 2 sets, the 1st during cocktail and the 2nd during dinner. Their repertoire was light and easy (bossanova, swing, R & B, waltzes, latin) performed with conviction but at a low volume allowing the guests to discuss and network.

Jazz Singer and keyboardist posing for the camera during sound checkJason Geh and singer at the CIO Summit

It is not show time performance but more of a light entertainment that sets a cozy ambient while the guests wine, dine and interact. That’s the mood the organizers wanted and Jason Geh’s 2 piece Jazz Band fulfilled that flawlessly.

2 piece Jazz Band with the view of Golden Palm Tree ResortThe attendees of the CIO Summit taken during cocktail

The performers will be back again at the Golden Palm Tree Resort, Selangor (where this event is held) the following three Wednesdays for other related events. Jason Geh Entertainment other 2 piece group (Stroller Band) kick off the 1st performance two weeks ago at the NGT Summit.

Jazz Singer and keyboardist performing live during the summitOpening speech

We will bring you more updates of the Jazz Band performances for their coming summits that will last till the 1st week of November 2011.

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