Oct 20, 2011

Jazz Singer | 2 Piece Jazz Band | NG Retail Asia Summit

Today’s event will be the 3rd performance by Jason Geh and his Jazz Singer held on the 19th of October 2011 at the same location as the previous summits i.e Golden Palm Tree Resort, Sepang Goldcoast, Selangor.

Make sure to watch this video as there is a behind the scene keyboard demonstration by Jason Geh. He explains his reluctance in music sequencing / programming and advocates live performance during gigs with the piano / harmony being played by his right hand and the bass rendered by his left.

Jazz Singer and KeyboardistJason Geh's 2 piece Jazz Band at the NG Retail Asia Summit

His performance is further enhanced by the drum machine from the keyboard that is skillfully manipulated to blend in with the type of music chosen to perform.

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