Jul 21, 2011

Live Music Band | Johor | Birthday Party

You probably found this blog when searching Live Music Band Johor Bahru in google? You’re at the right website. Perhaps the Music Band or Jazz Band in this video is what you’re looking for to hire for your event in Malaysia?

This 4 minute video above takes you through the band’s journey from KL to JB. The music group consists of three performers’ i.e a singer being accompanied by a saxophonist and keyboardist. They are popular in Malaysia’s event scene as their performance style and song selections cater to people with exquisite taste.

This is the birthday party of Jane Ng and his son Hector contacted Jason Geh, the band manager three days before the event. He went online searching for a good and trusted live band vendor and found Jason. Jason’s website showed up prominently on google.

Jason Geh's Live Music Band at Senibong Cove, Johor Bahru (JB)Birthday mum, Jane Ng and husband

A view of Senibong CoveBirthday speech my Jane Ng

After a thorough inspection by Hector, he knew that Jason was the one he wanted to hire to perform for his mum’s birthday celebration. Besides, there are limited amounts of quality jazz bands in JB. Thus, Jason and his team gladly took on the offer to travel down south from KL where they are based.

Do visit Jason Geh’s live music blog if you’re interested in hiring them to perform for your birthday. They perform for corporate events, annual dinners, product launches, anniversaries, appreciation dinners and weddings as well. Jason provides other types of live music groups besides the one on this video.

Jane and hubby enjoying the fireworks display released after the cutting of the birthday cakeFireworks display

Btw, Jane Ng’s Birthday Party was held on the 20th of July 2011 in Senibong Cove, Johor Bahru.

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