Apr 30, 2011

Live Jazz Band @ Lafarge Event KL

Jason Geh Jazz Band was the designated entertainers during Lafarge Long Service Awards Night 2011 held in Eastin Hotel in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia on April the 29th.

The band’s debut performance for Lafarge was at their award ceremony in 2010, exactly one year ago. Backed by popular demand, they were specially requested to return to perform again this year.

Jason Geh Live Jazz Band performing at Lafarge Long Service Awards Night 2011Lafarge theme song being sung by employees to officiate the dinner event

The 3 piece band consists of a female singer and two musicians (saxophonist and keyboardist). They performed light and easy dinning music of mix selections during the start of this dinner event, and gradually increase the energy and mood as the night progresses. Their single set performance was executed prior to presentation of the awards.

The video above contains introduction by Jason Geh, highlights of the event and samples of the Jazz Band performing live during the night. This clip is longer in duration than the usual ones produced by JG Entertainment (about 15 minutes in length).

Let me explain why. Our new video guy managed to capture quite a number of songs that was rendered by the band; the audio was pretty good. Thus I was compelled to include more songs on this post.

Opening speech by the CEO of Lafarge Miss Bi YongLong service award being presented by guest of honor Tunku Imran

This video will provide viewers with a clear idea of the band’s performance. It also showcases their ability to interact and invoke response, making the crowd excited towards the end of the performance.

There’s one individual from the main table who was sporting enough to do the twist with the singer. There is also a bonus track that’s included where the singer ventured amongst the crowd and persuaded a lady to sing! So be sure to watch the clip till the end.

Group photo being taken at the foyer after the eventA profile image of the Live Jazz Band

For more information on Jason Geh’s events in Malaysia, visit his Live Jazz Band blog. He can also be contacted directly at 016 2800216.

Here is the reference link to view Jason Geh’s Jazz Band involvement at Lafarge’s long service awards dinner last year (2010)

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