Mar 8, 2011

String Quartet Performance | Celebration of Live

The video below depicts a String Quartet performance at a funeral in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The music group consists of four string musicians:-

1st Violinist / 2nd Violinist / Viola player and Cellist

String Quartet with band manager Jason GehThe String Quartet performing at the funeral

They performed two sets in total (30 minutes each). The first set prior to the funeral service and the second set right after. The repertoires that they performed covers music from the baroque, classical and romantic period to jazz standards, movie soundtracks and broadway musicals.

This event was held on the 7th of March 2011 at a residence. The family of the deceased wanted the passing of their dearly beloved to be perceived as a celebration of live thus the title of today’s post rather than being viewed as something negative in nature.

A guest singer singing amazing grace during the serviceThe people who attended the celebration of live

For more information on String Quartet performances in KL Malaysia, be sure to visit Jason Geh’s music website. You will be able to obtain testimonials and many other relevant details pertaining to live entertainment for events around Malaysia.

Jason Geh can also be reached at 016 2800216

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