Mar 20, 2011

Live Jazz Band Entertainment @ HSS Event

This video features a four performers Live Jazz Band performing at HSS (Hap Seng Star) customer appreciation night. The music group consisting of a female singer, saxophonist, keyboardist and percussionist was provided by JG Entertainment.

They perform various genre of music from bossa, swing, light rock to cha cha, samba, disco etc. They have prepared a list of performance repertoire that appeal to the general listeners. No ego trip involve, just music that people loved to hear, which explains why they’re much sought-after at corporate events and other occasions in Malaysia.

The live band performing at Hap Seng Star Customer Appreciation NightHap Seng Star at Kinrara Puchong

The cocktail receptionJulie the MC for the night

They render both vocal and instrumental music for their audiences. Do watch the video above which takes you through the highlights of the event on the night of March the 19th 2011 at HSS’s building in Puchong.

The singers / musicians are entertainers that have been actively performing in events in Malaysia for years. Don’t take my word for it; just check out archives of their past performances on this blog as proof. Besides sounding good, the performers are also always formally attired and emanate professionalism.

AcknowledgmentA model displaying the jewellery

The beautiful models at the eventThe singer interacting with the crowd

Click here to visit Jason Geh’s music blog for Live Jazz Bands and other music entertainment resources in Malaysia. He can be contacted directly at 016 2800216. Please note that music band’s can only be secured one or two months before the event date.

JG Entertainment is unable to deal with inquiries 3 to 12 months prior to an event due to the unpredictable nature of performers. One month before an event will be the most ideal period to book the band.

One of the lucky draw winnersA group photo of members of Hap Seng Star

Jason Geh taking a shot with the MCProfile photo of Jason Geh Jazz Band

Inquirers to kindly provide the following details:-
  • Date of event
  • Venue of event (local, outstation, ballroom, outdoors)
  • Type of event (corporate, annual dinners, product launches etc)
  • Mobile phone numbers
  • Capacity (amount of guests invited)
  • Sound system requirement (amplified or unplugged)
  • Band preferences
  • Other relevant details

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