Feb 27, 2011

Jazz Trio Performs @ Launch, KL

Here is a Jazz Trio performing during a product launch in KL Malaysia. Provided by Jason Geh Entertainment, this music group comprised of three versatile jazz musicians (Saxophonist, Violinist and Keyboardist)

They performed instrumental music that was “easy on the ears” as entertainment during this dinner event that was held at KL Hilton ballroom on the 25th of February 2011. As the organizers of the event opted for a Jazz Trio that is without a vocalist, the saxophonist and violinist took turns to render the melody while the keyboardist accompanies.

The musicians that make up the Jazz TrioThe Jazz Trio performing during the cocktail session

The Jazz Trio providing music entertainment during dinnerThe band manager with the MC

Visit Jason Geh’s Live Band website for photo / video profiles of past and present live music performances in Malaysia. He can also be contact directly at 016 2800216

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