Nov 28, 2010

Wedding Live Bands in KL, Malaysia

If you are reading this article, you are probably scouting around the internet for a Wedding Live Band to hire as entertainment for your wedding reception in Malaysia.

This wedding reception features two groups of Wedding Live Band.

The first group that started performing in this wedding event was a Jazz band consisting of three musicians i.e a saxophone player, double bass player and Jason Geh on the grand piano / keyboard.

They performed one set unplugged at the foyer of Westin KL and later proceeded inside the grand ballroom to usher-in the guests with their music.

After the wedding couple’s grand entrance, the Jazz band provided their final set of music for the night with some instrumental jazz music when food was served from the first till the third dish.

Profile image of the Jazz band (trio)Jason Geh Jazz Trio performing LIVE

Band manager, band leader and keyboardist Jason Geh flanked by wedding couple Fiona and AbelAn image of the newly weds at their table

At 8:45pm, the second group of live band started off their first session of music entertainment. This Wedding Live Band which was also provided by Jason Geh consists of three performers producing a slightly different sound and concept from the former.

It is made up of an acoustic guitar player / singer, a saxophonist /conga player and an electric upright bass player completing this lively three piece ensemble.

The repertoire that they perform included some oldies, jazz, latin and are mainly rendered with vocals.

They created a feeling of festivity with their style of music that really blended well with the ambient in the ballroom during the later part of the evening when the newly weds approached table to table, to toast with their guests.

Live band with male singer performing LIVE at the weddingA group shot of the bridal couple's family and friends

The champagne pouring ceremonyThe toasting ceremony

The video above shows the order of events during the wedding:-
  • Jazz band performance (during cocktail)
  • Jazz band performance (ushering of crowd)
  • Entrance of bridal couple
  • Jazz band performance (during dinner)
  • Video presentation
  • Live band performance with vocal
  • Speeches
  • Champagne pouring
  • Toasting ceremony
  • Live band performance with vocal
The wedding dinner concluded about 11:00pm.

Abel and Fiona toasting with their guestsA profile photo of the three piece Live Band that was provided by Jason Geh Entertainment

For more information on Wedding Live Bands for wedding or corporate events in Malaysia, contact Jason Geh at 016 2800216.

Don’t forget to check out his live band blog

Note that this article pertains to the wedding reception of Abel and Fiona that was held in Westin Hotel Kuala Lumpur on the 27th of November 2010

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