Oct 3, 2010

Live Band - Strollers | Acoustic Band | Unplugged Band @ Birthday Party

Today’s Live Band has many names. It can be called Strollers, Acoustic Band, Unplugged Band or even Mobile Band basically delineating a live band that performs without any amplification. No microphones, speakers, cables etc. Just skilled musicians expressing themselves freely through their voice and instruments.

They are in a sense mobile hence being able to relocate and reposition themselves at various areas of the venue deemed fit. This kind of live band is ideal for small events with 3 to 5 tables the most and must be held at a considerably small restaurant in order to feel it’s impact.

As the musicians are not in any way amplified, their music will only be able to travel to listeners within the vicinity of the performers thus won’t be suitable for larger events with many guests. Today’s event consists of only 5 tables thus thoroughly appropriate.

The acoustic band performing live at the eventspeech by a family member

The birthday celebrant Teresa with her husbandKaren, the daughter chatting with her dad

Today marks the 70th birthday celebration of Theresa Wong. Karen, daughter of Theresa contacted Jason Geh two weeks ago to provide strollers / acoustic band as live entertainment for this dinner event.

Karen and Theresa hired Jason’s acoustic band for their versatility and professionalism. Their repertoire consists of many golden oldies and evergreens that highly appealed to them. The band performs various styles of music from bossanova to swing, ballade to cha cha, samba to rock & roll, and even twist to country.

The live band interacting with the guestsa light moment

Teresa with her family membersTeresa with her birthday cake

This birthday party was held in Cinnamon coffee house, One World Hotel, Petaling Jaya on the 2nd of October 2010.

If you are interested to have this acoustic band perform at your function in Malaysia, give Jason Geh a call at 016 2800216. Do visit his live band website / blog for photo and video references.

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