Sep 20, 2010

Wedding Live Jazz Band | Wedding Singers & Musicians

Are you looking for a Live Jazz Band with singers and musicians as entertainment for your coming wedding reception in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia? Just give Jason Geh a call at 016 2800216 to find out more.

Jason provides a variety of quality live entertainments from Jazz Band, acoustic band, fusion band, to string quartet, singers and musicians to cater for the taste and budget of the wedding couple.

Today’s report is with regards to the wedding reception of Farah and Matthew held in Renaissance hotel KL on the 19th September 2010. Jason Geh performed for this event together with his singers and musicians for a total of three sessions. The first set during the merinjis ceremony, the second and third sets, during and after the dinner.

Bridal couple Farah and Matthew sitting at the pelaminWedding Live Jazz Band performing during the event

Malay cultural dancers performingJason Geh flanked by Anita(the emcee) and Nor(coordinator)

The Wedding Live Jazz Band comprise of:-
  • Female singer
  • Saxophone player
  • Electric guitarist / male singer
  • Keyboardist (Jason Geh)
It was truly enlightening to see race and cultures merging during this event as the bride is Malay and the groom is an Australian. Jason’s Jazz Band has the experience and a wide range of repertoire to entertain the guests that were very musically diversified in taste.

The champagne pouring ceremonySpeech by the bride's maid

Farah and Matthew having their first danceProfile photo of Jason Geh Live Band

If you are currently preparing for your wedding, do watch the video montage prepared above to get some ideas. Note the music provided by the Live Band at the merinjis ceremony and how the saxophone player ushered in the wedding couple during their second entrance to the ballroom with a sentimental love tune.

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