Aug 15, 2010

Jazz Band Performance | Jazz Trio with Singer

I have received inquiries frequently about where our Jazz Band is currently performing. The populace in Malaysia who are interested in hiring us for their coming events wish to witness our performance LIVE! before making a decision. Even at today’s event at Setia Eco Park, two separate families that attended this dinner inquired.

At the moment, our Jazz Band is not contracted to any hotels, clubs, restaurants and other form of outlets. We specialize and make ourselves available only for events. It could be any kind of event from corporate and annual dinners, product and property launches, weddings to anniversaries, birthdays, private parties etc.

You can actually visit my live band blog for testament. There is an extensive collection of photo and video montages of past till the most recent events we have performed for.

Jazz Band performing LIVE at the dinner eventThe poster that was created for the event

You can click on the link provided above or just type on your browser. Either way, you will be directed to my music blog. It contains many other related websites on the side bar with further information pertaining to our live band services in Malaysia.

Today’s video montage covers our Jazz Band performance at Setia Eco Park on the 14th of August 2010. This dinner event was specially organized for the residence there to subliminally let them be aware of new phases of property that have just been completed by the developer.

An image of Setia Eco Park's Club HouseProfile image of Jason Geh Jazz Trio with Singer

I felt that the diners made a point to be there at the club house to check out our Jazz Band Entertainment. They were very alert to what was happening on stage through out the dinner and resonated with the band by overtly showing their appreciation through applaud. They were also amenable to my singer’s attempt to get them involve.

Song request slips were present on each table and many made special dedications to their beloved. There were two birthday celebrants and we got all and sundry to sing along festively. Towards the end of our final set, one young lady even came up on stage to sing with the band and she was pretty good!

Some guest dancing to the beat of the bandA guest singing with the Jazz Band

To find out more about our Jazz Band services, contact me, Jason Geh at 016 2800216. It would be a privilege to hear from you. Enjoy the video! Thank you.

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