Feb 8, 2010

Live Jazz Band Malaysia | Birthday Party

Jason Geh Live Jazz Band was invited to provide music entertainment at a birthday party in Penang, Malaysia last Saturday (6th February 2010). The Jazz Band consisted of two professional singers(female and male), electric guitarist, saxophonist and Jason on the keyboards.

Jason Geh Live Jazz Band performing at the party

There are 4 of them in the music group with the saxophonist doubling on the congas and the electric guitarist on the vocals. Jason Geh(the manager and leader of the band) provides the harmony, bass and drums on his keyboard.

This event signifies the birthday party of Sandie hosted by Ted at the poolside of their apartment in Cove, Penang. The Jazz Band departed from Kuala Lumpur at 9am on 6th February and arrived in Penang at 1pm. Rooms were graciously arranged by the host at the Copthorne hotel next to Cove. After freshening up, the band headed to the poolside for their set up and sound check.

Jason and his team mates at Ted's condoview from the balcony

an image taken from the poolside of coveguest at the party during the cocktail

Ted gave Jason and his team a tour of his beautiful apartment on the 23rd floor overlooking the sea. It was spacious with plenty of rooms decorated with antics that he had accumulated through his trips around the world being an archeologist.

The weather was great and the Jazz Band started with light instrumental music during cocktail. There was a lion dance act before dinner commence. The band then performed songs that were specially short listed by Sandie. She preferred blues music, Norah Jones and a mix of styles.

Jason Geh Jazz Bandthe singer

Sandie & Ted posing in front of the lion dance actone of the sensual belly dancers

A belly dancing show ensued with a group of voluptuous dancers enticing the male guest from table to table with alluring movements. There was also a huge fireworks display after the birthday song.

Jason’s Jazz Band continued performing with more upbeat numbers for the guest to dance along. When the crowd finally settled, Jason rounded off their evening performances with some romantic songs.

Sandie blowing off the candlesthe guest dancing to the beat of the live band

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