Jan 3, 2010

Suzan & Jason Geh performing @ Mr Lai’s Birthday KL, Malaysia

Happy New Year everyone! This is Jason Geh’s first performance in 2010. Jason and Suzan team up exclusively for this event held in Westin hotel KL on the 2nd of January.

Mr Lai Siew Wah’s birthday actually falls on the 3rd January but his family decided to have this dinner celebration on the night before so that they could usher in his birthday together with close family and friends. There were approximately 50 tables at the ballroom of Westin that night.

Suzan and Jason Geh Live Band performing at Mr Lai's 70th Birthday

Jason Geh is from KL, Malaysia and Suzan, the singer that he is backing comes from Hong Kong. How did this two end up as a team for this birthday event?

Well, to cut a long story short, Mr Lai’s family heard Suzan singing in Hong Kong as they frequented that country. Mei, Mr Lai’s daughter decided to invite Suzan down as a surprise performance for her dad’s 70th birthday as she knows that he is fond of Suzan’s singing. Suzan exudes charisma and stage presence. She also sings Chinese classics and oldies that Mr Lai loves.

Suzan and Jason Geh Live BandThis ice block is specially crafted into the figure 70

The guest sipping cocktails at the foyer of Westin ballroomThree piece strollers performing

Mei got to know Jason Geh at “Souled Out” restaurant, Sri Hartamas as he performs there once a week with a local singer. Mei ask if Jason was able to form a trio to accompany Suzan on her father’s birthday in which Jason willingly agreed.

From then on, Jason communicated with Suzan through email on the songs that she planned to sing. However, there were plenty of unforeseen request from the guest that night to render songs that weren’t from her chosen list. But with Suzan and Jason’s performing experience, they were able to fulfill most of the request spontaneously even though it was their first performance together.

The children of Mr Lai giving a speechMr Lai greeted by his friend

Performance by the Live band form by Mr Lai's grand childrenMr and Mrs Lai during the champagne pouring ceremony

Jason got an electric bass player and a drummer to join him to back Suzan. They performed 5 songs for their first set followed by a memorable speech by the birthday boy. There was a special band performance after that comprising of Mr Lai’s family members.

After the toasting ceremony, Suzan and Jason’s live band perform another set of lively dance music till just before midnight where Mr Lai and his family came up on stage to usher in his 70th birthday. Energy was high and there was abundance of crowd participation. Cheers to the organizers.

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