Nov 14, 2009

Wedding Singer at Martin’s Wedding, KL, Malaysia

This report is with regards to Jason Geh’s Wedding Singer performing live at Martin’s wedding at NeroVivo Restaurant, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This is a last minute function for the group. Martin, the groom found Jason Geh and his team during his search to hire a professional wedding singer and live band on the internet.

Jason Geh with his wedding singer and saxophone player

Martin’s wedding dinner was set on Friday the 13th November 2009 and Martin stumbled on Jason’s live band website two days before. It was fated for Jason and Martin to meet as those who are familiar with the movie Friday the 13th, who is the main character in that movie? Jason!

Mr and Mrs Martin taking a photo with their guestJason Geh with his wedding singer and saxophone player performing live during the wedding reception

Well, I leave it to you to decide if it's coincidence or fate. Jason’s music group, made up of wedding singer, saxophone player who plays the conga and Jason himself on the keyboards entertained Martin and his guest with a wide selection of songs from jazz standards, oldies, love songs to latin, fusion and contemporary music.

Martin and his friend jamming along with Jason's conga playerA toast for the bridal couple

During the band's break time, Martin who happens to sing and play the guitar team up with his friend to perform a set of guitar live music embellish with great vocal harmony. Their brand of music had a different sound from Jason’s group thus added diversity and color to the evening’s entertainment. Jason’s conga player came up to jam a few numbers with Martin group all in the name of good fun!

It was a deeply satisfying evening for the listeners as well as for the performers with quality live music, delicious food and a wide array of booze from champagne, wine to beer and brandy.

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