Oct 5, 2009

Deejay at beach party | WACA Event in KL, Malaysia

Do you need a Deejay to spin at your event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia? Here is a professional Deejay in action at WACA’s(World Airline Club Association) beach party held at Mines Hotel on the 5th of October 2009. This yearly event is held for the first time in Malaysia from the 4th till 8th of October.

Guest dancing to the music of the Deejay

This professional Deejay has a wide selection of repertoire on his lap top and CDs. Deejay also comes with sound system i.e full range speakers, mixers, microphones, DVD player etc.

Professional Deejay for hireA view of the beach at Mines hotel

The live band from Jason Geh provided entertainment during their inaugural dinner reception. They will be performing again for their coming gala night on the 8th.

An image of the delegatesGuest performing the Macarena dance

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