Aug 11, 2009

Live Band - Singer, Guitarist & Keyboardist at house warming reception

Female jazz singer backed by Jason Geh on keyboardsTodays live band is a jazz trio or three piece setting made up of female singer, electric guitarist / jazz vocalist and keyboard player. The female singer is young, beautiful and sexy with a powerful voice and great stage presence. She has a wide repertoire ranging from jazz, R & B, soul to oldies, motown, dance etc.

The electric guitarist, an accomplish jazz and gospel guitarist / singer who is versatile and knowned among music enthusiast as the "George Benson of Malaysia". The keyboard player who is the leader and the band manager was the winner of the International Electone Festival in Paris, provides the harmony, rhythm and bass for the band. He also plays the saxophone.
Guest at the house warming reception dancing to the beat of the live bandLive band featuring singer, guitarist and keyboardist

The live band was specially invited to perform at this house warming reception at Ara Damansara on the 8th August 2009.

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