Aug 2, 2009

Jazz Singer and Band at MAS Masters

Image of a Jazz singer backed by two musicians

The entertainment for this event comprise of a Jazz Singer backed by a saxophone player and a keyboardist. This trio combination is complete, with the Jazz singer providing soothing melodies, the sax player adding color and the keyboardist that is the backbone of the band supporting with the harmony, bass and rhythm.

Incidentally, this is not a sequence band. The keyboard parts are performed live by the keyboardist. There are many other trio combinations that will also sound good. Just to give an example, the sax player could be replaced by an electric guitarist or even a double bass player who also sings.

Do contact me to discuss on which trio combination that will work for you. Cheers!

The winner of the MAS Masters receiving his awardThe Jazz band with Jason Geh on keyboards, Aceh on sax and Gina on vocals

This event was held in Ti Chen restaurant, Saujana Golf and Country Resort on the 2nd of August 2009.

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