Jul 17, 2009


What is strolling? Or strollers? I have been ask that question quite a lot by non musicians and even musicians. Some thought that it's a name of a live band. And that is true, as there is a local Malaysian pop rock band called "strollers" that is very popular during the 80's.

But in general, well in Malaysia at least, the word strollers implies a group of musicians performing their instruments and singing without any aid of amplification i.e without microphones, amplifiers, cables etc to tie them down to a particular location. They are in another words mobile and free to move about different parts of the venue that they're performing.

This has it's advantages and drawbacks. The great thing is that they have the freedom to move around entertaining guest but the music that they produce is unplugged meaning they can only be audible to the listeners with close proximity to where they're performing. But there won't be the hassle or cost of renting and setting up sound system. Or even if the strollers are amplified, they would just require very basic equipment i.e microphones.

For this event, which was the International AIDS memorial day, this two piece strolling musicians provided light entertainment for the guest. The music group comprise of a singer / guitar player and a saxophonist / back-up vocalist. Another musician could be added to this combination to make the band complete i.e a double bassist depending on budget. However, two piece will work as well.

Incidentally, this event was held in a community home in Rawang on the 16th July 2009.
Two piece strolling musicians performingThe emcee Ferhad

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