Jul 11, 2009


This CHINESE SINGER who sings mandarin, hokkien and english songs was the featured singer at this event in Malaysia. She's very experience and sounded great rendering those chinese classics. She was also lively and very accommodating during the event.

There were two other singers who contributed their vocal talents as well.

The jazz guitarist known as the George Benson of Malaysia enthralled the audience with his powerful voice by singing some soul, jazz and bluesy songs. The double bassist who is indian by race but sings mandarin and hokkien songs on top of his normal selections of english golden oldies, country, jazz, pop, dance and other genre of musical styles.

We also had our very own Malaysian Kenny G performing and adding instrumental color to the live band. He actually walk among the audience when they were having dinner playing his saxophone and serenade them. Is that cool or what? : )

There was a mix combination of guest during this event. People from China who love to listen to chinese songs as well as CIMB representatives who is more into jazz music. Thus, Jason Geh's Band was the ideal live band entertainment as we have a versatile line up of professional singers and musicians that is able to perform a wide genre of music from jazz to even mandarin and hokkien songs.

Incidentally, this event was held in Gardens Hotel on the 10th of July 2009.
Award ceremonychinese singer accompanied by Jason Geh's live jazz band
Group photo of Jason Geh's Band

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