Mar 1, 2009

Malaysia - Malay Wedding Jazz Band

This Malay Wedding Jazz Band comprise of a female singer, bass player, keyboard player and drummer. This is the basic set up to accompany a singer with just the core rhythm section. To add more color to the band, a soloist like saxophone player or violin player could be added.

The live band will sound more complete with the addition of guitar player, percussionist and even other traditional solo instruments but this will depend on the budget of the client. We do provide Sound System, Instruments and Sound Engineer that comes package to support the live band as well.
Wedding Jazz Band

This Malay Wedding was held at Felda Villa, a restaurant off Jalan Semarak, KL on 28th of February 2009. This young wedding couple was serenade by a female violin player upon their arrival with the rendition of Pachabel's Canon in D.

For more infomation on Malay Wedding Jazz Band or any other forms of Music Bands in KL, Malaysia, proceed to my live band website. Let your wedding be a special day in your life with an assortment of nostalgic and contemporary music entertainment.
The young wedding coupleFamily photo with the wedding couple

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