Jan 24, 2009

Vocalist, Violinist and Musicians at MISC Event - KL, Malaysia

What a colorful nite! We had famous vocalist, violinist, and musicians as entertainment for this event. It is MISC's retirement and long service awards presentation held in Hilton KL on 23rd January 2009.
violinist, saxophonist and keyboard player

Featuring a lady violin player and a local male singer namely Man Bai who is very popular in Malaysia. He is the one that sang and popularize "Kau Ilham Ku". Man Bai was accompanied by musicians from Jason Geh Entertainment.
MISC Award Presentationmusicians in KL, Malaysia

There was also a special guest artiste performance by Malaysian vocalist Syafinaz, that totally enthralled and mesmerize the crowd at the event with her powerful voice.
Malaysian vocalist SyafinazRecording artiste from Malaysia - Man Bai

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Jason Geh and Man BaiSyafinaz and Jason Geh
Vocalist, Violinist and Musicians at MISC Event

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