Jan 1, 2009

Live Band Performance KL - New Year's Eve 2008

It's New Year's Eve and this is our last live band performance in KL, Malaysia for the year 2008. This is the ideal time to reflect on my achievements and my challenges I've endured the past 12 months. I have met many new friends and collaborated with talented musicians and artiste since establishing "Jason Geh Entertainment".
Live Band Performance KL

I'm glad to essentially look back at my life and realize that I have grown not only as a musician but as an entertainer and entrepreneur. It has been an "eye opener" to have step out from just being a musician and delve into aspects of the music business in Malaysia.
Live Band Performance MalaysiaLive Band KL

What I can say is that for those musicians who love playing music should stick to performing, as being a musician and taking on the role of a music manager, an agent or a music marketer is entirely a new "ball game". For the past many years of my life, I have literally eat and breathe nothing else but music. Since 2007 till now, I have gone through a gradual transformation out of my own design and I have to admit that I'm still coming to terms with being a marketer.
Live Band MalaysiaLive Music KL, Malaysia

On a more general note, I'm also beginning to understand why the society and the world is what it is today, through my own personal soul searching. Don't just say "That's life". Ask yourself why the world is in such a state, keep searching and you will find. I would like to end today's post with a quote "None are more hopelessly enslave than those who falsely believe that they're free". Have a great 2009!
Malaysia - Live Band PerformanceKL - Live Band Performance

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