Dec 6, 2008

Young Chinese Female Singer - Sings Chinese Songs in Malaysia

There aren't many good and young chinese female singer that sings chinese songs as well as English oldies and Jazz in Malaysia. There are many request from clients for such versatile singers. To all budding female singers out there that are thinking of making a living as a function singer, that's the requirement!

Being able to sing practically all genre. The more versatile you are, the more in demand you'll be in the music scene. It's a trend nowadays for chinese weddings to have live band as entertainment and most request for a band or a singer that can sing chinese songs, Jazz, oldies and anything under the sun. Wannabe function singers need to study as many songs as possible.

One way to achieve that is to take up a lounge contract in Hotels for a few months or even years as training to build up confidence, repertoire and accumulate experience. The quality function singers that are in demand now have all gone through that.

Below, Jason Geh Entertainment provides such a live band and singer for Luk, Ina, Fag Networking Evening 2008 at Restaurant Noble House, Kuala Lumpur. Not only chinese wedding clients request for such a singer but big and small companies as well. If you are a young chinese female singer that sings chinese songs, oldies and pop, do contact me.

This is the second year in a row we have perform for this event. Here's the blog to the one last year.

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