Dec 25, 2008

Strollers in KL, Malaysia with Violin Player, Guitar and Vocal

It's Christmas Day today. And we had a function in First World Hotel, Genting Highlands. First World Cafe needed a 2 piece Strollers to serenade their diners with some Christmas carols and easy listening selections of Songs. Imagine a beautiful and talented violin player performing with an acoustic guitar player that sings all the old time favourites while you're having your meal? Now isn't that romantic?
Strollers in KL, Malaysia

"Strollers" is a term use to depict unplugged live music rendered by a group of musicians without amplification. Moving about table to table serenading diners. If you're ever looking for Stollers or unplugged live entertainment to perform for your event in KL, Malaysia with perhaps a violin player and guitar player that sings beautifully, proceed to my band website for live band booking. We offer other combinations of musicians as well, perhaps a three piece to make it more complete. It depends on you...

Violin Player, Guitar and VocalUnplugged Music in KL, Malaysia

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