Nov 8, 2008

Role of "Live Band Agent"...

When you've engage and booked a live band in Malaysia for your function, the last thing you want to hear two days before the event date is "One of our musician can't make it on the day of the event due to some emergency, we have to pull out". Hence, the client is left stranded without a live band.

My role as a live band agent is to source an alternative musician as replacement so that the band can still perform with quality. Although undesirable, this situations might happen where musicians or singers fall sick on event day or can't perform at the very last minute. That is when you're glad that you've hired the live band from an experience and reputable band agent who knows what to do in such situations.

Photos below illustrate live band performance entertainment featuring Ida Mariana on vocals at the wedding of Leong and Winnie at Saujana Kuala Lumpur on 8th December 2008.

Jason Geh Entertainment provides your Live Band Solutions.

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