Jul 11, 2008

Musicians, singers and live bands in Klang Valley, Malaysia

It's not just a matter of grabbing a few musicians and calling them a band. It takes lots of experience in the Malaysian music industry and to be in the scene mixing and performing with them, to know which musicians or singers can deliver and which can't. Here are factors that I consider when I get them ....
  • to know what level of musicianship they are,
  • to know their attitude towards music and performance,
  • to know if they are open minded and can work with others attitude wise and music wise
  • to know what area of music they are specifically good at may it be singing, performing, versatility to tackle songs etc
  • are they entertainers or more absorb in themselves,
  • do they love performing and entertaining people
  • are they exprerience and have positive chemistry with their audience
  • are they musically all rounded or are they only good at certain types of music
  • are they professional about their dress code
  • reliability - do they keep to their words after booking them for a specified date
  • whether they have ethics and realize their position and what they're not suppose to be doing during an event
  • sanity, yes you saw right, Sanity! Through my years dealing with musicians, I have realize most ultra talented musicians are hard to work with or even utterly unmanagable. Regardless of whether they're 20 or 50 years old. I tend to choose those that have gone through a lot as musicians and appreciate the good life they're having now.

The musicians and singers that I engage are very talented, has good character and integrity. The music and value that you get from this individuals are accumulations of a whole life time of discipline, passion and perseverance. Hence, this article today is about acknowledging musicians/singers as professionals and attracting clients that are truly aware of the value they'll be receiving.

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