Jun 26, 2008

Search "hire live band in Kl" at Google...

Today I'm going to talk to you about searching for live music services at Google. To be able to rank high in major search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN requires credibility. If you were to go to google.com and do a search on "hire live band kl", you will see my band website at the No 1 position out of 35,100 other music websites in Malaysia. Do take note that this search results may and will vary.

Try searching other phrases that are related to those phrases e.g jazz trio kl, jazz quartet kl, jazz musicians kl, etc and my site(www.myspace.com/JasonGeh) or my other related music
websites(www.JayLatestPerformance.blogspot.com), (www.JasonGeh.blogspot.com) will show up on the 1st page of your search i.e one of the top 10 band websites. Try searching on Yahoo and MSN and you'll notice the same results.

There's no way I or anyone can fool Google to get rank at the top, only if Google considers your site relevant and credible.I'm not saying this to show off but merely to determine that the live band services that I provide is not a "fly by night" thing and you, as the client will be dealing with me and my team who are music professionals and have been in the music entertainment in Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur for decades.

It has took us a lifetime of dedication in music to get to the level we're at. We're talking about years and years of performing experiences and being in the music scene.

At the moment, we're concentrating more on supplying music bands for corporate events. Yes, we're a function band, made up of local musicians and singers that also perform for wedding receptions, parties, concerts, product launches, anniversaries and any other functions that can be thought of. In fact we have performed in so many weddings that we're sometimes labelled wedding entertainers, wedding musicians, wedding music bands, to just name a few.

Watch some introductory videos about me on my band website. To book a band, contact me at JasonGeh@yahoo.com or 016 2800 216

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