May 25, 2008

Wedding Jazz Trio in Malaysia - Wedding of Jon and Adeline

Jason Geh Jazz Trio performing at Jon and Adeline's wedding at Golden Phoenix, Equatorial Hotel KL, Malaysia on 24th May 2008. Jon was very precise about the kind of music he wanted from the band. When we first spoke on the phone, nothing else strike me most than his love for Jazz. No vocals, strictly mainstream with lot's of improvisation.

Play Antonio Carlos Jobim, Chet Baker, Miles Davis... Frankly, I haven't had this type of request for a long long time. But it was really fun for me and my musicians to be able to "let go" and have the freedom to express our art. Am looking forward to more such gigs in the future.

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Jon and Adeline said...

The first time I spoke to Jason on the phone, I knew exactly what genre and style I wanted in a jazz band.

My big mistake was to doubt him, as I initially wasn't certain that Jason and friends were able to deliver my requests.

True to his form, Jason belted out amazing jazz pieces on my wedding night, that attracted more than anyone's fair share of praises and nods.

I remain puzzled at how I managed to convince such a humble, yet talented musician to perform on the biggest day of my life, churning out one song after another with so much flair and tenacity.

To echo the words of my uncle, "Where did you find this guy?"

Thanks Jason. Not my last encounter for sure ...