Feb 2, 2008

1st Feb 08 - Wedding of Dr Ram and Dr Sumitra

Got a last minute call for this gig. Two days before to be exact.
Two Doctors getting hitch! Such a pleasant gig for us after what we went through in KLCC two days ago.
Great Sound System with very professional crew who knew exactly what they were doing. One of the best food presentation I've seen for awhile. They even brought in Lion Dance prior to that.

Had discreet yet effective visual effects perfectly time. Cheers to Sham, the Event coordinator. Unlike some that know nothin but like to flaunt authority, he's gracious but get things done professionally. Really enjoyed ourselves performing when we get good stage sound.

This wedding was held at Berjaya Time Square Hotel and was attended by two thousand guest. A lot of people didn't show up as there were quite a number of empty tables.
Don't think there were any sitting arrangements as we saw guest moving to the empty tables. One particular lady was sitting all alone in a table stipulated for 10!

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